Friday, November 24, 2006


I was riding up the freight elevator with a load of Cheese Mirrors for a Party. There were four, each about 2 feet by 5 feet and they weighed probably 150 pounds each. You transport them on what we call 'Queen Mary's" in the Hotel business.
On the elevator with me was a Banquet Bartender. She had fiery Red hair, very curly; and blue eyes with flecks of yellow in them that just sparkled. Her name tag said "Yvette' and she was one of a set of twins that worked at the Hotel. They had to be twins.
I had a thing for them both.
I had only ridden on the elevators with them before, and then only one at a time.
Yvette was the most outgoing of the two. She was always very chatty. Her sister was more demure, and seemed to be more like me, that is to say, kind of shy. Yes, I was at one time rather shy. Actually I still am if one can be loud and shy at the same time. Yvette's hair was not as curly and she had seemed to have fewer freckles too. They both had the prettiest smiles you ever saw. It was near impossible to tell them apart....
Either of them tended to light up the Freight Elevator whenever they entered it, or so it seemed to me.

Her sisters name was Shila.

As we rode up the elevator I decided the time had come to make my move, which back then for most guys consisted of remaineing as ambiguous and noncommittal as possible.
I opened with a question about her sister.
"So where is Shila tonight?"
'Oh, she's around. Why do you ask?."
"Well, I was thinkin of askin' her out. Is she spoken for? Do you think she'd go out with me?"
Yvettes eyes are sparkling overtime now. She has on the standard issue Black Skirt, White Blouse, Burgundy Vest and little Black Bowtie. All complimented very nicely by a pair of JC Penny's patent Leather Pumps.
Her eyes blazing, she gives me a wicked smile and reaches into her vest pocket, pulls out a name tag, removes the one that says "Yvette" and replaces it with one that says "Shila".
Oh, my God!
The Elevator is beggining to slow down and stop. Hell, from where I am standing it feels like it is starting to spin.
"Shila" sucks in a little breath, begins to push her Bar out the elevator and looks me in the eye, touches my wrist, her head is rockin' a little, like on a bias, and she flashes that absolutely wicked smile again and says:
"Oh yes, I'm sure Shila would love to go out with you", and gives me a little wink.
Time seemed to have stopped as I stood there, the Earth spinning under my feet with my mouth hanging open, totally slackjawed.
It took me a full minute to figure it all out.


Anonymous said...

Damn, you are being Mr. Mysterious! But go on ahead, tell us a backwards story! But tell us. This is so sweetly romantic.

Old Lady

GrizzBabe said...

Now that you've figured it out can you clue me in? Was one woman being two people the whole time or did the twins switch identities for the day?

Dave said...

I take it that Shila and Yvette were monozygotic rather than dizygotic twins. Never knew that!


Mother of Invention said...

That is the coolest! She's a neat babe! I like her already!
You? Loud? Na!

(Okay..always get this mixed up...a pair of twins is actually 4 people, right? a set of twins is mom's an identical twin and my sister had fraternal twins just to mix things up a little!)

steve said...

"Set of twins"...thats what I was looking for!!!
Once again I have told a great story poorly, but I am getting better. I had only worked at the hotel for about 8 months and Shila/Yvette was the same person and was a part time Banquet Bartender. I had only seen her a few times and each time she had on a different nametag, and I could swear she had two different time cards, some kind of a Departmental joke the Bartenders had going. Ol' Lady knows what i'm talking about...FoodService people are a lot of fun!!!

Mother of Invention said...

Oh crap! I didn't get that..but it would be good for sake of story, that twins switched identities when it suited them! My mom and her twin did this countless times with dating etc.!

Mystic Rose said...


this is just a story, or it really happened?

Annelisa said...

:-D How on Earth could she keep this up for so long?!?

steve said...

Shila has very curly hair, unruly, and it changed a lot every time I saw her. it wasn'tt so much that she kept up a Charade, as much as I am idiot!

Annelisa said...

:-) Aw...Don't be so hard on yourself - she was the one changing the badges, and her personality! And it doesn't sound like she cleared your misconceptions either, well not until she'd had a bit of a laugh over it....

It's good you could be friends and laugh over it together :-)