Monday, February 05, 2007


I claimed to have a wide and varied taste in music... but check out my buddy Soubriquet who has graciously posted one of my favorites, "Beeswing" by Mr. Richard is a live version.
Soubriquet takes the cake.
When will they Knight both of these lads?

The lyrics were posted last weekby the Red Dirt Girl as well.


kissyface said...

What I love about Richard and Linda Thompson is that they remained songwriting companions while they were going through a divorce. Or so legend has it.

steve said...

yes, and I think they still get on somewhat, or could,; on his site he does a qurterly q7A thing, and a while back he responded to a guy that he said had been asking the same question for years: "Why don't you and linda do a Tour together". thonmpson's r4esponse was typically smart saying that while he and Linda "still got along, there were other people to consider, like their new partners and please stop asking me this" or some such.
As he lives in L.A. and does quite a few shows out there, have you cought any of them? I have read about his "1000 years of Popular Music" show that he does and that would seem to be right up your alley!

steve said...

"make that "quarterly Q&A"
my typing really sucks...