Wednesday, February 21, 2007


From "May You Never Thirst"

"Back at the Apartment, I place the 12 Pack of Dr. Peppers into the back of her Truck. I remember wondering to myself if she would know who had left them.
And the note.
Yeah, I left a 4-word note, unsigned.
It read, quite simply“May you never thirst”
I hadn’t felt that good since the end of the Vietnam War!
The next morning there was a little note on MY truck.
She signed hers…”Lily”"

This was 2 weeks before Christmas.
My whole demeanor changed. Its funny how being smitten will just get you to walking on air. Everybody I saw looked OK with me, whereas before most people looked like grade A assholes. The tapwater seemed sweeter, the morning Coffee more aromatic, the air clean and pure; my constitution envigorated and my hair just seemed to fall into place in the handsomest way.
I did not know if she might be spoken for; hell, she might be married. It just didn't matter. Gravity could not bring me down.

For two weeks nary did I see her... but it was Christmas...
I bought a bottle of Champagne and a 2 liter Dr. Pepper. I poured the Dr. Pepper out, cut the empty bottle in half, placed the Champagne inside the hollow, sealed with Scotch tape and took it to my friend and advisor, Alana, who added all the finishing touches. This thing looked like a cross between Lawrence Welk, The 4th of July and Las Vegas.
I put on my only good shirt and went a Courtin'. Knocked loudly on her answer.
But an hour later, after staking out her truck, I find her leaving and fly to her Car.
"I didn't want to just leave this in back of your truck" says I.
"Oh, thats so sweet" says she.
"I'd like to know if you might be spoken for, or can I keep on inflicting myself in this manner" says I.
"Well I have a guy staying with me right now that I can't get rid of" says she.

Gravity can't bring me down. I got all the time in the world. I just crossed an Ocean of time to feel like this. There's too much resonance here to worry about the details. For the next Nine months we became best friends.

It was a tough summer we had. My "Abominable Truck" bit the dust. It was my livelihood as a Tilesetter.
And Lily; oh my, she got the call that her estranged husband was running from the Law after robbing a Bank. They were firing tear gas into their old house. And though that boyfriend did move out, she could not quite get all the way shed of him.

But he had to wait... she was spending all her time with me.
We just laughed and laughed when we hardly had a reason.
Nine Months since I met her...
When I finally kissed her, she cried.
Lily had enough on her plate.

'They say theres only two states of Mind
One is Visionary and the other is Blind
And the best that we can hope to find
Is to meet somewhere in between...

And the last thing that I'd want to do
Is create a distance between me and you"


Mother of Invention said...

This is so well're so close yet there are obstacles following her. I hope they're gone now. If it's meant to be, there will be a way and starting out being best friends is a great way to begin. if it's not meant to be, then you can still keep friends...a no-lose situation.
Update us!!!

Annelisa said...

*grin* Love your 'Ooshy-gooshy' label, Steve!!

So, this is why she cried? (Not 'cos you bit her lip/tongue or something, after all!! :-) ) Poor wee thing... guess it gets too much sometimes, and you can hold out, and hold out, until someone does something really nice... then it all gushes!! Know that feeling :-S

Ah, but what a big romantic you are! As MOI says - keep us posted on this one!! Got me fingers crossed!

GrizzBabe said...

Yes, here's hoping your dear, sweet, Lily comes around soon.

steve said...

Lily has never felt about me the way I do about her; it ain't going to happen, sorry to say.. but Love- its not a victory march; good to know that I can still fall for someone.
I've had about all this "ooshy-Gooshy I can handle for now!!!

David said...

sorry to hear Lily's feelings don't match yours. Her loss for sure. Remember the Marvelette's great oldie, "Too Many Fish in the Sea"?

hey, i "tagged" you today (or whatever the right blog terminology is).

Barbara said...

Steve -- It sounds like you have the patience of Job when it comes to Lily. Wasn't that kiss a whole 6 years ago? Does she read your Blog?

Old Lady said...

Well, I hope you have had some kisses in between. (Don't get smart!)