Monday, February 26, 2007


As promised, an update on the Crazy Church Lady;
Within 3 weeks of asking my daughter if I might be single, the Crazy Church lady turned around and married a member of the congregation, Evan, who was one of the Wise Men with me that night. Evan is 85 years old.
The Xmrs. B'holes, upon telling me about this, indicated that may be I had missed out on something.
"You just weren't moving fast enough" she said.
"Moving fast enough?" I reply, "I wasn't moving at all!"
'Yes, well, thats not fast enough!" she says.
She always finds a way to bust my chops.

It would seem however that fate has once again raised its fist.
Evan passed away over the weekend.
The visitation is tonight.
Her name is Sharon.


soubriquet said...

Oh Sharon:
Stay me with flagons, comfort me with apples: for I am sick of love..
Could be a steamy evening then!

One Blog For All said...

You have been randomly selected to participate in a blog experiment; and are invited to The One Blog For All

Barbara said...

My condolences to Sharon. But I don't think she's the one for you.

David said...

Barbara - how do you know that for sure? Guess Steve will have to answer. So, Steve, what's the next move?

Anonymous said...

cowboy, cowboy, cowboy.........I have to admire your indomitable belief that all things are truly possible........good luck my friend!

steve said...

No, i don't much think she is for me; but can you imagine a more bizarre turn of events?

Dave said...

Ex's "That's not fast enough!" line is brilliant. If I don't have an opportunity to use that one very soon I will manufacture an opportunity.

Say, shoot me an email sometime. I have lost your address. In fact, I have lost everything. I heard a Windows Haiku a while back which went something like this:

I have lost my files.
Some were very important,
But now they are gone!


Windows XP crashed:
I am the Blue Screen of Death!
No one hears your screams.

Anyway, a file containing every one of my electronic communications for the last several years is floating around out there, not completely in the information universe and not completely in the physical universe. It is in some kind of file Limbo waiting for a decision to be made about its final destination. I'm leaning towards just saying "F@CK IT!" and starting a new accumulation of emails that I won't be able to find when I need them. I've already extracted whatever value the old ones contained. Anyway, I can't start the new stack without knowing your email address, so please send it. Thanks!

Don't prejudge your credit, as they say, with this crazy church lady. Stranger things have happened!


Old Lady said...

Well shut my mouth and slap my ass!
She didn't!!
Sharon Anna Nicole Smith?

Fergit that one, you jes might wake up daid one mornin' if you know what it mean. (wink) or ;)

Anonymous said...

Old Lady.........Laughing out loud, with my footie socks falling off!!!!!!!!!

I was THINKING THE EXACT SAME THING....just didnt' want to poke Steve's balloon of hope..........

Annelisa said...


Now's your chance, Steve - Go for it!

(I'll be back to read your 'conclusion' another time - all emotioned out after reading about your mum...)

GrizzBabe said...

Now that she's a free woman, Sharon is gonna come a lookin' for you!

Mother of Invention said...

Maybe you can be in the next church play with you but I wouldn't be walkin' up the aisle or anything...I'm still rooting for Lily!