Friday, February 23, 2007

I Got To Lighten Up

Any one remember that song by Archie Bell and the Drells out of Houston called "Tighten Up"?
It was about a Dance called "the TightenUp"; kind of a precurser to "the freeze"
After going for two months without doughnuts, I was beginning to think I might have to cut back on the Ice Cream , Cake, Cookies, Candy bars, Panckes and French toast as well... and then I weighed in this morning and found that...I have lost 10 pounds!
Its a true 10 pounds...under my usual "low end" weight.
I have "Lightened Up"!
It can only come from one place... my gut...and its the most encouraging thing to happen in a while.
The problem is...
If I go into a feeding frenzy this weekend I can get it all right back. I think that I may lack whatever that Hormone is that tells you to stop eating already...I can eat everything in the house over a weekend, right down to the last can of Cranberry Sauce.
What I need is some kind of a Helmet that I can wear that prevents me from eating... kind of a "Food Chastity Belt" they have those on ebay?


Barbara said...

Just zip those lips and put on a padlock! Seriously you may be so pleased with your new svelte appearance that you won't want to binge!

Old Lady said...

Celery sticks!

Mother of Invention said...

Wow! I'm impressed! I have to lose that much but have so little will power. I always wanted someone to invent a throat basket to catch the "Binge-Fest Food" before it hits the'd still have the joy of eating and you wouldn't have the poundage! Or Porkage!

kissyface said...

remember? i love that song.

kissyface said...

i tried to "embed" the link to that song for you, but it won't take. here's the link for the song on my radioblog playlist, in case it isn't in your collection:

David said...

i think the best strategy is to throw out the food (that you know you shouldn't eat) in your house and don't bring it back in. Not that I do that, but it does work.

Sure, I remember it. The (Drells) song would be a great theme for a P.T. practice!

steve said...

Barb- I have quite a ways to go for Svelte
Ol'Lady- just about everything sticks these days!
Mom-losing 10 pounds is lost on me-I can't tell any difference; do you have a tendency like me to binge? I take everything in big bites!
kissyface-I havent heard that song in years-thanks!Why am i not surprised to find you on the spot with it? Do you like to cruise alll the throwbacks at the Half price bookstore?
David- it is the kind of song to get the blood pumping.

Dave said...

I tried an interesting new weight-loss strategy this January which worked fairly well. I call it "stomach virus." Unfortunately, losing the ten pounds didn't really make me feel healthier. I actually felt worse! This month I'm trying stump chopping. That worked for me last year right up until I quit doing it.


Mother of Invention said...

I do sometimes binge or go on a bender! Especially if my blood sugar is low...I just can't stop since you're so hungry and have an insulin headache..They used to give anorexics insulin to make them want to eat.

GrizzBabe said...

LOL! Do they make muzzles for humans?

Annelisa said...

I don't know about on ebay, but I've seen desperate people wire their teeth together - drastic, to say the least!

Well done you! That's a good, solid amount to lose - and it must be really difficult to get rid of pounds when you're cooking all the time, so extra big pat on the back for that!!