Saturday, February 17, 2007


Got pictures of my Candywork over at Lilys...its really a very colorful display.
Next Year I may have to incorporate a few random Roses into the mix- would be Visually Stunning.

I've been chasin' Lily for a little more than 6 years.She has done nothing to encourage me other than to stand there and look so good; when she crosses her eyes and sticks out her tongue I justknow she has got to be mine!
She is proof that if you will act happier than you feel, you will be happier than you are.
She already had two men in her life when I came along, and it took a few months for me to be her best friend, and a few more months again for me to finally kiss her, and then I had to stop.
Has it been that long? Thats too long.
If i ever get a chance to kiss her again, there is going to be some kissin' going on, believe you me. I don't know what she is waiting for. I think she has just forgotten how to let her heart run wild.
Thats OK, Lily, I can show you.

Heres a Sweet Little Poem from "The Last Unicorn" by Peter Beagle:

"'I am no King and I am no lord

And I am no soldier at-arms' said he.

"I'm none but a harper, and a very poor harper,

That am come hither to wed with ye".

"If you were a lord, you should be my lord

And the same if you were a thief" said she.

'And if you are a harper, you should be my harper,

For it makes no matter to me, to me,

For it makes no matter to me.'

'But what if I prove that I am no harper?

That I lied for your love most monstrously?'

'Why, then I'll teach you to play and sing,

For I dearly love a good harp," said she."


Old Lady said...

How about drawing up a petition and we will sign it.

David said...

hmm.. tried to comment before, but it disappeared.

i'm new to Lily. so, what I want to know is why did you have to stop kissing her? hoping you get another chance.

Mother Hen said...

Next time scatter Dr. Peppers to your door.

GrizzBabe said...

Tell Lily - nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Mother of Invention said...

Does she still read this? Does she still have those 2 other guys in her life? Don't give just never know when people can wake up and smell the coffee!

Anonymous said...

i think this is wildly romantic and funny all at the same time.... cowboy, you need to get out that lasso and start practicing again.....i see some ropin' in your future.......!!!

Barbara said...

Lucky Lily, that's all I've got to say!

Annelisa said...

Go for it , Steve! Yes, I want to know why you had to stop kissing her before as well! :-)

(And, if you don't tell her soon, I'll just have to get Mobius Mouse onto your case! :-D)

steve said...

My pictures went away! Where they go?
Mother Hen I like the way you think...
Dave, if i get another chance I won't stop
ol lady-a;already tried that
griz- the voice of reason seems to rule
Mom- one got 10-20 and I do not know about the other...they never made much difference to me anyway.
RDG-if it weren't so romantic and funny i might have give her up by now...
Annelisa -ever kiss a boy and make him cry?

soubriquet said...

Will she?

Love-Hearts in the Mailbox.
Keep us posted.

Mother of Invention said...

I had forgotten you putting that 6 -pack of Dr. Pepper in her truck! That had to have stuck in her memory as a really cool thing to do! I say keep tryin'!

Annelisa said...

you cried?


Nope, that's never happened to me... I just don't have that effect on boys! :-( or maybe :-)

... and I like the way you've avoided the subject in the next couple of posts - a real cliff-hanger effect going on here! (mind you, I like to hear about your dad too, so six of one...)

Mother of Invention said...

10-20 years? For doing what?