Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Where were we...
"Both at once say to me "BECAUSE SHE IS JUST A SLUT!"
Not exactly a ringing endorsement.... but you know what? You like who you like. And I pretty much do my own living and let the chips fall where they may.
You also have to consider the source(s).
You are very perceptive, Kissyface. Judge way. From what I know of you, you are right.
Nancy and Jo are not exactly the Sisters of Mercy.
But that is a whole 'nother Blog.
No joke.
Julie and I had fun. I didn't take her home and she didn't try to rape me on the dance floor. She seemed like a friend to me. I figured that I would probably see her around, and I think she thought so too. We were wrong. I haven't seen her since that one night 6 years ago.
I hope she has found something worth looking for by now.
I don't make the rounds much anymore, but from what I hear Nancy and Jo are still taking on all comers and layin' 'em in the aisles at the Hi-Hat Lounge....tell 'em I sent you.
I know people that are always in love, and then love goes, or they find out their beloved is not who they thought they were and *POOF* they are in love again with someone else.
I don't much believe it.
I think love is pretty rare and I attach a very high value to it.
We seek in others that which is the deepest reflection of ourselves. To the extent with which we value that reflection, we will either experience, or fake, a sense of self esteem.
At that time in my life I had been divorced for about 3 years; I might have been walking around but inside I was deader than a Beaver Hat.
Sure, I missed love... that is to say I missed the softening of the heart that occurs when you find some resonance in your life.
Then I ran into Lily. It was a few weeks after dancing with Julie and she stole my heart.
So, Lily, we start at thebeginning.....

(to be continued)


Mother of Invention said...

You sure know how to do the cliffhanger! Hope it has a happy ending...can't help's the Disney upbringing!

GrizzBabe said...

Can't wait to hear about Lily!

steve said...

Mom; Do I really? I am hoping for a Hap-Hap- happy ending myself. Somebodies got to win.
Grizz-When I wrote about the lady that called me an idiot I didn't realize it would take us to Lily. Lily...The World is a Carousel of Color...