Thursday, October 19, 2006



"Just a Singer in a Rock & Roll Band" (The intro was perfect; very cool)
"Born to be Wild" (the Drumline solo'd for a full minute; really interesting work)
"Summertime " from Porgy and Bess (I had to take off my shirt)
"25 or 6 to 4" (should I try to do some more?)

Its not just Marches and Waltz time these days. The music is current and the arrangements bring out the best in the kids and really excites the crowd.
I would like to see "Frankenstein" by Edgar Winter. Anyone else have a request?
Security made me put my shirt back on.


Haltom H.S. did "Area 51" by Maroon 5. Solo's by a Bassoon and a Contra-Baritone Sax*.

This Saxophone is so big that it is played while resting on a stand by a girl on a stepstool. You think I'm lyin'?
Bassoon and Sax engaged in a "Close Encounters " type Point and Counterpoint arrangement.
The Color Guard was busy emulating Aliens by trying to stay out of sight, hiding behind the Tubas and Drums.
(This was actually done two years ago but it is the best I have seen as far as being cool to watch and hear)

Marcus H.S. spent a lot of effort on the costumes and Props for their presentation titled
"Chorale Reef". The Guard wore huge Crabclaws and moved sideways trying to escape from a herd of Seahorses , 4 feet long raised in long poles to ride over the Band and flanked by Huge Starfish.
This was done to the famous "William Tell Overture".
Suddenly, a 10 Story high Swedish Chef loomed onto the field, scooped the little Crabs and Horsies and Fishes up and deposited them into a stockpot containing a nice Court-Boullion.
"Der Krabin-locken und fichen-horsten vuld begerin ault un cault un servin-dervin,
kartflervin, ibn, oh, about 10 minutes."
This latter episode may have been a figment of my Hallucination, although I was followed home by several hungry looking ghost cats...*WHEW*
This is an outstanding crowd pleasing show... at some point they are going to be the Band to beat.
Their show was memorable from last year as well...

As a Chef I have beeen involved in with people and events that demanded a high Level of Planning, Production and Execution. It all pales in comparison to what these kids and the Directors do. If you have kids, put 'em in Band... it could save their life someday.

My Daughter.
She is my Oyster.


Stephen Newton said...

So you are yet another of the people who have let me know that I was not alone in being celless. Beautiful daughter! So is the city really bad these days? I'm a country boy at heart, but from the redneck crowd...mostly like living where there's fewer people nearby.

Mother of Invention said...

She's a cutie! So refreshing to see a young girl so wholesome- looking and without scads of awful make-up and involved in a wonderful spirited activity.

Way back in the Dark Ages of my High School years,I played trombone in the band and dance band, was in a choir and was a cheerleader for 4 years. I had a lot of school spirit and loved those years.

Your daughter.too, will have fond memories of her school life. And of you coming out and supporting her. Very cool, Dad!

steve said...

She is an awfully good girl- her mother takes full credit! I've said before- I could not do in a Million words what the band program has done for her.