Tuesday, October 31, 2006

SYNESTHESIA http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synesthesia

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"He looked at me as though I might be nuts."

At work the next day, I GOOGLED up "October" and "October Music" but mostly got a lot of OOM-PAH Bands. (there are approximately4,500 of these bands in Minnesota alone)Being new to the cyberworld I did not have the research skills (hmmph) that I have now. The name of the Composer that had so thouroughly stirred me was to remain a mystery.
Bear with me here.
One year and two months later, at the Christmas concert the Band did a piece called "Lums Arumsque" which is Latin for "Light of Gold". This piece of music, played by High School kids, brought me to tears. I was not surprised... I do have a feel for Music, but was most curious as to who wrote this piece.
The next day at work I GOOGLED up "Lums Arumsque" and found that it was written by Eric Whittaker, a very young, progressive, and accomplished Modern Composer.

Would it surprise anyone that Whittacre was also the Composer of "October"?
I was. I find it remarkable that a single Composer seems to have his finger on my pulse.
And yes, you can hear "October" for yourself on his site!!!

L.D. Bell boasts 60 girls in the guard. The several flags that are used to such great effect are made by the parents. These flags can be purchased but the cost is very high. So 3-4 nights a week parents get together to work on these flags.
It is exact, specific and it demands precise execution. A designer's drill is a chart; a graph which indicates x and y coordinates for constantly changing geometric shapes and forms in both time and space. The equipment and props are always pushing the laws of physics with force and speed, action and reaction. All of this with an incredible control of time.
There are times during the show that the field "comes alive"with movement and color in perfect syncopation with the Music. Other times the Guard is Ambient and the Band becomes the focal point. It is all very well done, very well done indeed!
It is a visual picture alive with message and meaning. It is integrated interaction with the Marching Band. It is Performing Arts and a vital part of the Marching Band.
Colorguard is spending 15 to 20 hours a week marching and dancing up and down a football field spinning a 3 1/2 pound rifle or 2 ten foot foot flags. It's their free time to spend striving for perfection and hearing; "That's wrong! Pay attention! Try harder!" over and over. It is riding countless hours on cold bumpy buses and eating in more fast food restaurants than they care to remember. Sometimes they march with blisters on their feet, splints on fingers, when sick or when every muscle in their body aches.
For an all too small snippett of the Guard from last years show, go to http://www.ldbellband.org/

Aubree was in the Color Guard for her first years Band experience.i may have never been quite so proud of her as in her first show. The Costume was styled like a Greek Goddess, with a full body Leotard (IS THAT RIGHT?) accented by a flowing full length skirt (I can talk womens fashion, just you wait and see) that pinned at the hip. Being early in the season, there was a lot of dance as many of the Flags were not yet ready. midway through the show, Aubree' began to have a Wardrobe Malfunction. Her skirt was a comin' a loose!!! It did not take long before it lay abandoned on the 40 Yard line, and my Daughter finished the routine wearing only her Leotard!

She stole the show... she gets it from me...gutsiest thing I ever saw!

Tomorrow I will share more about the upcoming week... the schedule is grueling... covering 3 events and 3000 miles... all within 8 days!!!

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red-dirt-girl said...

Oh I can so relate to your daughter......first (and last) dance recital at age 7.......skirt and leggings both fell off during performance.....just kept on trucking - mortified.......! sounds like Aubrie is made of tougher stuff than I!!!

Loving the menu w/ shoes idea.....I think it's a concept!! Actually, I'm a peach cobbler or apple crisp type (red dirt hills of Georgia) but hey........shoo fly....i'm still chuckling!!!!

Which ones go with biscuits and sausage gravy......?? I did love my grandmother's homemade biscuits and gravy..!!


red-dirt-girl said...

LOL........LOVE the menus Steve.....absolutely loving the menus!!!!! Is their really such a thing as Black Fishnet Lace cookies????? Obviously I'm quite food ignorant........and I'm loving your blog as well. Keep it up........I'll be back! (and no, I do NOT have an Austrian accent :) - it's as sweet as peach syrup.....!


ps. I'm going to link your blog - you are too much fun! Maybe I should start posting your menus underneath the shoes.....though I might have to leave out 'mother's milk' out of respect to my husband who checks on me occasionally....!

Mother of Invention said...

That's precious! How old was she then? Is she embarrassed now to think of it? (Yep, leotard is right.)
There sure is a lot of behind the scenes work!

steve said...

RDG- I'm sorry for the rude comment I left on your post... we can have some good clean fun with all this and will, althoughI doubt it can get better than Shoo-Fly.
MOM- She was a very demure Sophomore, she was quite embarassed and though she still gets embarrassed easily (even with having me as a trainer)that evening she knew what to do...the Show must go on! you would like her a lot... i was looking at her bookshelf last night and thought of you; she has a book called "The Trumpet of the Swan" and i thought to myself that you probably knew this book.
My transition on this post from the parent involvement was not done well but yes, there are some parents that spend 20 hours a week on this and I get probably 20 -30 e-mails a week concerning all there ios to do...Thanks for catching on. is Marching Band a part of Canadian Schools?

Mother of Invention said...

No, not at all. A school is very lucky to have instrumental music taught as a credit even. There is not that great attendance at football games etc. either. In my days as a high school cheerleader, we sold tons of tickets to the games and got every Fri. afternoon off to watch and cheer. It's changed...cheerleading is probably considered really dorky now! I loved it! It kept me in good shape, it burned off my extra blood sugar, and increased my self-esteem /self-confidence immensely.

Mother of Invention said...

And yes, Trumpet of The Swan is a delightful book! In Gr. 3 we did a detailed study of her other book, "Charlotte's Web" which I'm sure your daughter loved as well. In that movie, I loved Templeton the rat! The voice was Paul Lynde...remember from Hollywood Squares?

steve said...

yes, i remember very well; My 5th grade friend David Walton and I loved Paul Lynde.. he was good on Bewitched as well! isn,t eb white Canadian?