Tuesday, October 17, 2006


"You can drink it, or you can nurse it
It don't matter how you Worship
As long as you're down on your knees."
Light as a Breeze

I love the way songwriters can say so much with so few words.

"I had some trouble, but I'm ....OK
Been through the wringer but I'm....OK
Walls are fallin' but I'm.....OK"
Fascist Architecture

It seems so long ago; I've been telling that story for years.
I have changed a lot in the last six years.
Sometimes I hardly recognize myself.
Part of it is in the story, but not the way you might think.
See, if someone told me guys weren't talking to her for those reasons, I would no longer make the kind of remark I was once so proud of.
Too unkind.
Instead I would say 5 simple words:
"You can talk to me"

I have hurt an lot of people close to me with my humor and quick wit.
You won't do much harm by being kind, and just a little kindness goes a long, long way.
I learned that its OK to joke yourself, but its not OK to joke other people.
I still tread too heavily on occasion.

There was a time when I didn't give a good gol durn what anyone thought of me.
I'm fine, thank you very much.
I see it differently now; its important what people think of you.
Its good for people to like you.
Lets take it a little further.
The most powerful force that I have seen is when people think that you like them.

Enough of all that.
There is more, something deeper, as well, but I don't quite have the words for that yet.

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