Monday, October 23, 2006


The letter I forgot to send my very Religious right wing- ultra conservative-Sister.
Found 3 pretty good paragraphs today:
An Israeli official, speaking on background because of the sensitive nature of the conflict, said the bombing campaign has reduced Hezbollah's long- and medium-range rocket arsenal -- blamed in the deaths of 18 Israeli civilians -- by as much as 70 percent.
But many military analysts say the human toll exacted -- hundreds of Lebanese civilians killed and nearly a million displaced -- now far outweighs any benefits.
"These kinds of events have far more destructive value to the operation than the military value being achieved," said Harlan Ullman, a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, who coined the theory of "shock and awe" as a means to establish rapid military dominance -- often used to describe America's initial attack on Iraq.
It goes on to talk about how many people that were fairly neutral suddenly become Hezzbollah fanatics…and this is where the huge problem lies Lisa… no one can sit on their hands in front of a Terrorist Organization, nor should they be expected to. But they must remember what is so well illustrated in the book “The Lord of the Flies”….The stick is sharpened at both ends so any use of it hurts the sticker as well as the stickee…
Its such a huge problem Lisa… Jesus had a terrific answer to it but it got him where none of us is willing, or should be expected, to go. Bombs don’t work, Diplomacy (for Oil) as we know it doesn’t work… some bright person somewhere needs to think outside the box. This whole Christian/ Jew/ Islam thing might just be the end of the World… some plan. Someone, somewhere ought to be able to turn it around and say that this Christian/ Jew/ Islam thing, what a great start to some thing good, something Universal…but I don’t hear them
I can’t help but think, maybe a better word is hope, that there is a lot more that could bring us together than drive us apart. It seems like the better part of that which divides is based on words written anywhere from 1300 to 3300 years ago. Isn’t there some more current data? Isn’t there enough land, promised, Holy or otherwise that can play a role no less important than peaceful feeding and upbringing of our children? Until then, I really don’t care to keep up with the particulars of the diplomatic (for Oil) or Military efforts being exerted
Anyway, these are my incomplete and totally flawed thoughts on this. As soon as I find it I will forward you an Email I sent out a few months ago that is somewhat related…it concerned the Movie “A Patch of Blue” starring Sidney Portier.


Barbara said...

You are so right. The Middle East problem is far greater and more complicated than either side portrays it. There were countless victims on both sides during the most recent conflict. No one wins in war. Which says to me there must be some other way.

Mother of Invention said...

Hope they find a better way soon, because enough is enough, and it's way out of hand now. But I'm not sure how hopeful I am.
Holy Wars always seem to be a contradiction in terms for me.

steve said...

Bill Moyers talks about a new "mythology" that will unite us for the Centuries ahead- we are overdue for a story that will bring the planet together instead of giving each faction a reason for fighting the other. I give us 1 chance in 5.

dd said...

Speaking about the Israeli-Arabl conflict, I would say some of it is unbelievably complex (the Israeli-Palestinian problem) and others are fairly simple - the Israel/Arab countries problem. The latter is basically just the Arab countries finally coming to grips with the fact that ISrael exists. And, if Hamas can do the same, the Palestinian issue can be settled also. Everyone over there knows what the final solution will look like - pretty much the same deal that Israel offered Arafat duringhte Barak, Arafat, Clinton summit; the one Arafat rejected.

The real problem is with Iran and their henchmen like Hezbollah. Even if the Palestinian problem gets "settled", I don't think Iran and Hezbollah will suddenly make nice. What can you do with people who deny the Holocaust and want to wipe you off the face of the earth?