Monday, October 30, 2006


I used to say that among God's most favored were the Eagle Boy Scout and the Gold Girl Scout. I have come to add any Student that is participating in Band. After 3 years of viewing these young men and women and after watching the dedication and discipline required to participate through my daughter,who plays Flute for the L.D.Bell band, there is not a Marching Band that can take the field that does not bring a lump to my throat. These young men and women have their game faces on, they have hundreds of hours of drill behind them and now have 8 minutes in which all the hard work comes together and they must EXECUTE,EXECUTE and EXECUTE!!! Their lines are straight (they have worked on this since kindergarten, but the Band has made a Doctorate program of it) their Uniforms crisp and sharp, they stand at attention, they are confident in their movements and they have established a high level of Musicianship.

Two years ago I attended my first competition without the knowledge of all the work that had gone into the presentations. Nonetheless, there was a Band that played a piece so beautifully that I was moved to tears. The piece was called "October", and it was very moving, bringing the feel of Autumn to mind, the turning of color and falling of the leaves, the increasing chill in the air and the baring of the trees. You must forgive me; I started this life as a very Stoic Taurus, but over the years have become a bit of a Lightning Rod for emotion.
They were not the only band to do "October", but to their credit (and mine) the other Band did not bring me to tears. It was the Duncanville Band that had left me unstrung and so overwrought and giving credence to my condition was the fact that they advanced to the Finals.
I wondered to myself would the Duncanville Band do it to me again during Finals tonight? It would be the third time that day to hear "October"; surely I would be hardened no matter how well it was played.

Of course, I was wrong and wept like a baby. A High School Marching band. I may be a bit of a raw nerve, but I assure you I am not nuts. And to again give some credence to what I had experienced, Duncanville did place 2nd in State 4 weeks later.
After that nights show, I went and found the Director for Duncanville and told him how great the show was and how it had moved me.

Thank you " He says, shaking my hand 'Which child is yours?"
"Oh, no Sir, you don't understand" I say "My child plays for Bell!".

He looked at me like maybe I was nuts!!!

(to be continued)


Mother of Invention said...

That's so great of you to do that! It shows you show support for the whole entity of marching bands and not just your daughter. Did she know and what did she think about it? I bet she thought it was a cool thing to do. Way to go, daddy-o that you are!

kissyface said...

Taureans are great aesthetic appreciators, and often quite musical, so it's no wonder the tunes move you. Also, Mars was in Cancer when you were born, so that makes you a big freakin softy, and prone to tears. We love that!

steve said...

I am one progressive, big and easy red hot daddy-o alright. Oh, yes MOM, she has heard the October story so many times she probably wants to barf and now she is lucky enough, for posterities sake, to be able to read it.
Actually, she is aware that these Chronicles exist but I have not given her access yet...I intend to before we go to the most romantic city in Texas for State Finals this weekend.
I hope ya'll will help me with a few comments the next few days as we continue this Archive for Aubree'.
KF- you know me better than I do...