Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I did a post a while back (see “Staff Sgt. Renfro”) and mentioned an old girlfriend, Jeri. This is the story of how she came to get shed of me.
It was at her 16th Birthday Party, held at her parents house, that we met our end. In attendance were several of her friends, but mostly it was relatives and cousins. Of course her parents were there and I thought they were pretty cool compared to mine.
At some point in the evening it was announced there would be a game and 3 volunteers were needed. Of course I was one of the volunteers along with two other fellows. The “Game” was to be played as such;
Brown paper bags were placed on and over each contestants head rendering them blind and in the dark. It was then announced that each contestant was to remove the last thing they put on that day. Some of you, I am sure, are familiar with this game. I was not.
I took off my shoes.
We were then instructed to take off the next item we had put on that day.
I took off my socks.
There was a spattering of nervous laughter and I could sense that my fellow contestants lacked the nerve and were now dropping out. I was instructed to remove the next last thing I had put on that day.
I took off my shirt.
The laughter is becoming more raucous now and I sense that the younger attendees are being ushered to another room. I can especially hear Jeri’s Mother.

It was about then that I realized the object of this game was for me to take off the Brown Paper Bag, it being the last thing I put on that day!
I had reached a cusp and the Gauntlet had definitely been thrown...I could either remove the bag or continue to play chicken with the audience. The room is fairly howling now and through laughter I hear some one say ..
"NOW...(snickering)...TAKE OFF THE (hmm) LAST THING YOU PUT ON TODAY...."

You know I did...
I took off my pants.
The room erupts as I am left standing there in my Fruit of the Looms with a bag over my head.
It was a long moment before Jeri snatched the bag off of my head whispering angrily
and handed me my pants.
I looked over to Jeri’s mom who through tears of laughter says to me
“You are quite a little character aren’t you!”

Well that was about it for Jeri and I but I want you to know that the rest of the family just about adopted me. They were always a lot of fun to be around.


Barbara said...

Sounds like Jeri lacked a sense of humor that the rest of her family had.

steve said...

You are much too kind to me Barbara, much too kind.

Mother of Invention said...

Whew! Good thing you found that out about her early on! Can you imagine living with that?!! Not much fun. They say to remember that you have to marry your partner's family and all baggage etc. but in this case you'd have had to marry the girl! Yikes!

steve said...

Well, I personally don't much blame Jeri...thats putting a lot on a young girls plate. And if my Father had known what I had done I am sure there would have been a little cigar chewing action going on!
None of this, you must know, would have stopped me!!! It was great!

Mother of Invention said...

Well, I still think most babes would have joined in the laughter. I can just see my husband doing this kind of thing...but most likely after a rugby game at the beer up! he played for years and I got used to the odd "display". It was all in good fun and never got way out of line.

steve said...

Well now that I think about it her sister didn't seem to mind too much!!!lol