Friday, October 20, 2006


My brother Don came to visit for a couple of days back in 1993. He was a West Point Graduate. He was a Colonel in the Corps of Engineers. Though he had grown up in this area, the growth of Dallas-Fort Worth had left it virtually unrecognizable. On the way to the airport to pick him up, I wondered what I could show him or where I could take him that would emphasize the intensity of the "sprawl" that was taking place.
Close by my house there was a Strip Mall that had gone up. An entire neighborhood of homes had been "purchased" and demolished to make way for this Strip Mall.
They call it Eminent Domain and its an offer no one can refuse.
Driving through the parking lot you wouldnot expect that 2 years prior there had been an
All-American neighborhood there.
Except for one thing...
In the center of the Parking Lot there was an Island- a rather large Island that contained the one last hold out from the old neighborhood-a 3 bedroom Brick home with all the trimmings. White picket fence, BBQ Grill, Trees , shrubs. Swing-set and Sandbox. Prettiest little house you would ever want to see. I do not know how he did it, but somehow he was fighting the system.
On the way from the Airport with Don, I drove through the Parking Lot and pulled up in front of this house, this Island, surrounded by the "Garden Ridge" "Pottery Barn" "Applebees"(somethin'good in the neighborhood) "Matress Giant" and all the typical establishments.
Don had but one word to say and one word was all that was needed.
And then..."GOOD FOR HIM!!"
My brother, the Colonel! He was always a pretty tough act to follow.
I believe that house stood another year and eventually sold for several Million dollars. Erected a Gateway Computer on the spot which was quickly replaced by CD Warehouse then a Tattoo Parlor or something.
They just finished "stealing" a huge neighborhood not far away to build Jerry Jones a Stadium Steve Newton says he likes having fewer people around. They could remove a couple of few ten thousand from around here and I don't think anyone would notice! Thanks Steve for reminding me of Don Lynn.


Stephen Newton said...

Glad to supply the inspiration and that was a pretty amazing post to boot. I used to live on a mountain top in Pennsylvania and the state pulled the emminent domain crap on me and paid me a pittance to dynamite 2 acres off the side of my mountain to widen the highway. I took the money and went to jamaica.

Barbara said...

It's sad to think how many pretty little houses, pretty little neighborhoods have been turned into ugly multi-story buildings. The money is just too compelling...

JR's Thumbprints said...

Hey, if I could make a buck in the name of progress, I'm one of those suckers who would be first to go. Nice post.

Mother of Invention said...

If only they knew it was for no gain and everyone's loss...except their almighty $$! Joni said it all..."They paved paradise to put up a ..."

steve said...

I can't believe they stole your mountain! What a Drag..
Yeah, I can dig the pull of the $ sign but what kills me is how impermanent these strip malls are and they always go downhill from the start... this one has!!!