Saturday, February 03, 2007


I have mentioned A tag circulating concerning books we have read.
One of the categories asks for "A Book that Made You Laugh".
Now I have a real tendency to laugh at inappropriate times, quite loudly I confess, and have been known to snicker when I would have been better served by simply nodding or looking all serious or something, but I would like to suggest that I have never read a book that did not make me laugh at some point.

Having said that, I will propose that one of the most amusing books I have read was "Candide" by Voltaire, aka Francois Marie Arouet. Actually, the book was titled "The Portable Voltaire" a selection of his stories and letters. "The Portable Voltaire" allowed me to read him in the most inappropriate places such as Math class and during assemblies. He was a master of sarcasm, and not so subtle guile; please forgive me should I fall into his style of writing.

Sometimes when I was making out with Mona, I would have one studious eye cast upon the Sacred Text which I held just over her right shoulder in my left hand, all the while my tongue would be in her cheek, then vice-versa, and my right hand would be busy cupping her left breast and giving an occasional assist in turning a page.
Then the bell would ring and I was off to P.E. where I was known to read aloud, in the original French no less, as I played Badminton, taking on any and all comers, often two at a time (I'm really quite good, my hairpin dropshot is Barbaric) and putting them away forthwith.
Really, Truly Portable.

"Candide" is his best known work and very well done.
For now I will leave you with a Quote from Voltaire;
Hold it.... thats not Voltaire, thats that other guy.I shall do better than a Quote and supply Chapter One for your perusal....

In Chapter 1 he is expelled from the Castle for bustin' a move on the Lord of the Castles' Daughter, the lovely Cungonde...


kissyface said...

Sorry you've been sick. Just caught up on your blog (haven't seen you on my block of late, hope it's just the infirmity and not something stupid I've said.). I never liked Voltaire, but I read it when I was an unhappy fifteen. Perusing your first chapter offering, I found it quite amusing. Especially the 'logic' of the body formed for inventions of spectacles and leg garments. Classic. Thank you. Amazing how timing can be everything in your appreciation of art.

Mother of Invention said...

And I bet you chuckled over that!
(I've never read this. I have a lot of reading to catch up on in my next life!)

(How long had you been blogging on your other one?)

steve said...

Oh, kissyface, you can'tt stop there! The next chapter he is recruited into an army and (forced) to attack the very castle he was expelled from. They tell him his "Fortune is made and glory assured" , a line i am quite fond of at various job interviews.
yes, I love Steve Earle and no its nothing you have said....
mom, i did a total of 9 on the abandoned blog... luckily i still have them and will post theem as the time comes right...
Sorry to all i haven't been by much this last week...its been a little hairy around here

Old Lady said...

I enjoy tongue in cheek.

Hairy? At work? I love that expression!