Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Got your message late last night- did you say Cat’s in the hospital? Hope she’s OK….
This guy at Up in Smoke…it really started bugging me that they needed me to get a hold of you….I mean, I am not the worlds most Resourceful guy, and I can barely sign in on a computer, but if I wanted to get Foghat, or Leslie West to come play at my Birthday party, all I need to do is type them in to Google and ‘Voila! There’s Lesley West and how to reach him and more than I would ever want to know about Foghat!
All I have to do from there is show them where to plug in.
Anyway, if it’s a gig that you want I hope ya’ll have it ironed out and unless its Carnegie Hall calling I’ll just direct inquiries to your website.
Now, I want to tell you about the time I saw Leslie West at UTA’s Texas Hall…I think I was 17….it was my second visit to Texas Hall, my first being to see Political Activist Dick Gregory when I was 16…I don’t know that I was the most enlightened 16 year old, but I bet I was the only 16 year old there…
Anyway, West did this guitar solo that was out of this world- suddenly he stopped- and the crowd went wild- so he commenced to do another round of licks and suddenly stopped and the crowd came to their feet- and he started another round, going from Beatles to Clapton to ELP and there may have even been some Gershwin thrown in; real virtuoso stuff when he suddenly stops again and looks at the audience…the audience, on their feet, goes double crazy and West just cups his ear and whispers into the mike
And everybody just goes crazy twice…I had never seen an exhibition like that before….and I think that’s the way Lee felt watching you the other night.



Dave Mows Grass said...

Lesley West doing Gershwin? Gershwin should do Lesley West!

steve said...

Hey Davy!
I hoped Leslie West might get a rise out of you!
West really rocked "Porgy and Bess"