Monday, April 14, 2008



Well, I said in a comment to Gewels yesterday that I seemed to be a different person from a few months ago.
I took a Personality Test at her site and my answers to the Questions were quite different from what they would have been a few months back, and my posts aqnd comments reflect an Altered State.
I have been posting more trrying to worm my way through this.
I have no explanation for this but it is probably a good time to go ahead and talk about something I haven’t been able to till now.
In fact, I'll probably let this run at the top for a while....

My daughter, The Water Baby, came home at Spring Break from her Freshman Year at College and decided to withdraw. It was a very hard and traumatic decision for her and for the last month I have been trying to help her get over the many feelings she has about this.

Which really amounts to just trying to keep my big mouth shut. I know from my own experience that the last thing she needs is a lot of good advice and to talk about it.
And she is starting to get it back together….she has taken a job, a good job-40 hours a week too…and she may take a class or two at the Community College this Summer or Fall.
I also note that she has even been able to write a bit about it.
Go tell her she ain't alone.

She may have felt shamed and defeated but she is a Champion in my eyes.
If there was one thing I wanted her to know, it was that we get a lot of chances in this ol’ life and

"There are times when we are mandated to attempt something that we are unable to fulfill and we learn that the real mandate is to be able to stand guiltless in the face of whatever predicament it was we found ourselves in."


GEWELS said...

Wonderful words! You're a peach of a Dad.

GrizzBabe said...

You are a peach of a Dad!

When the time is right, I'm sure your daughter will bounce back in wonderous fashion.

Hang in there, Water Baby!!

GrizzBabe said...

Is wonderous a word?

Water Baby said...

yes, it is :)

Mother of Invention said...

You've been exactly what she needs, Steve: a soft place to fall. We all need that and not to be judged when we slip from our expected path. My dad once said to us that no matter what we 3 girls do, we're still loved and cherished and we can always come back home. That's what kids need to know.

Barbara said...

I have quite a bit of experience watching my children try something and then change course. The important thing is for them to know you are there for them whatever happens. Sometimes it's so hard to shut up and let them make the decisions though.

Water Baby has a long life ahead of her. Maybe she is just taking a break from studying while she figures out what direction to take next.

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