Thursday, April 24, 2008



Seabisquit is a disturbed horse, picked out by a disturbed Trainer named Smith, for a disturbed man wanting to buy a Racehorse.

One of the Great Lines from this movie is unspoken...

We see the trainer has three men trying to keep Seabisquit at bay and tells a potential jockey to be careful “the horse is a little touchy”.
Seabisquit is reared back on his two hind legs, snorting and neighing in an agitated state.

Next we see the Jockey walking away, telling Smith ‘That horse is crazy”
Smith wonders aloud where he will find a Jockey that can ride Seabisquit.

That’s when he spots Red Pollard, a deeply disturbed part time Jockey, part time boxer.
Pollard is swinging an empty bucket as he screams “Cmon you sons of bitches, I’ll take you all on” and like Seabisquit he battles 3 men.

Smith sees this scene, and looks back to where Seabisquit, still reared up, is giving his 3 men all they can handle.
He looks again to Pollard and back again to Seabisquit…to Pollard and back again to is a match and he has found his Jockey.
There is no dialogue and the audience is left to make the obvious connection for themselves.

Seabisquit goes on to become a great racehorse despite his lack of size and style.
Pitted against the great War Admiral in a match race, Seabisquit beats the odds and delights a nation.
40 Million people (1/3 of the Nation) tuned their radios in to listen to the race.

“You don’t throw a whole life away just because its banged up a little”
Smith, concerning a horse with a bad leg about to be shot


rdg said...

"disturbed" "touchy" "crazy" ...

seems like you're speaking my language, cowboy!!


steve said...

Hey cowgirl...Read my Lips!

Barbara said...

I loved the book and loved the movie and I hate horse-racing! It's a great story of triumph.

steve said...

Barb-it is a great movie and the "American Experience " from PBS is good too.
You should also try "October Sky"...amazing the good movies you would pass up if it weren't for kids.

rdg said...

and depending upon who you listen to, I understand that Vitus and August Rush are also great movies of 'human triumph' - though honestly, I have seen neither ...

(reviewers: my daughter and her classical guitar teacher .... !!)

Old Lady said...


I loved that movie and the back story of the author that wrote it all very compelling and moving.

steve said...

I'lll have to try thos eout RDG- theones I rented this weekend were...not so good.

Ol' lady- its a great story told real well in the book and the movie and the PBS Doc...

Hey Lollipop- are you out there?
There is a teachers Aid on the PBS wEbsite that tells you some ways to explore the History and the times that helped make this such a compelling animal and story.

Water Baby said...

"Though he be but little, he is fierce"
-Red Pollard
-William Shakspeare

Water Baby said...
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