Monday, June 22, 2009


"whispering sweet nothings to julie, 1975"

We all had a lot of fun Saturday night!

We have you to thank for it all, and so wished that you might have been there.
Everybody showed up except for Michele, and heck, she might have been there we just couldn’t find each other.
Tracy didn’t get there till late, and we all went to Lisa’s after for about an hour.

I had a lot of fun being the doorman. Brad got a table, it was way in the back, and I hung out in the front waiting for everybody so I could guide them past the line that stretched around the block, and lead them to the table. When it was just Michele and Tracy we were waiting for, I had even more fun asking every good lookin’ woman that passed my way, with a mighty look of expectation on my face, and in my Best Barry White voice:
“Are you Michele?”
And when they smiled politely and shook their head no I’d say
‘Well, how bout Tracy?”
And they would look at me like I was deranged and start walking a little quicker.

So, we had fun Julie, and if you and Michele had been there I think we would have all been completely out of control!

Your friend, Steve

Now for all my Blog friends, the reason Julie could not make it because her mother is having some surgery done today.

Ya'll please say a little prayer for her Mother, and my good friend Julie.


SkippyMom said...

Done! Hope her Mom is okay. Let us know.

Did you have a great Father's Day? I hope so! :)

Tracy said...

This is a sweet photo. Julia and Gloria are in my thoughts.

I enjoyed you and your Barry White voice Saturday, Steve!

bulletholes said...

Skip-Yep, great fathers day.

Hey Tracy! yes, it was a real slice, Saturday Night, and I anticipate that we will do it again soon!