Tuesday, June 09, 2009


The last month has been pretty weird.
I did a post a while back about a dog on the side of the road. It was a pretty post, totally inspired, and a week after posting it I found out that the owner of the dog, through a series of events, had actually been directed to the post. She was touched by the post as I was touched by her dog.

I have a Sister-in-Law that tells me the closer I get to God, the more stuff like that will happen.

Here at work we repair radios for the Airline Industry. Last year the Yellow Pages Phone Book screwed up and listed us as a TV Repair Shop. I get several calls a week, folks wanting their television repaired. I tell them that unless it haS wings on it, I can't help them and direct them to a business in the community that has been around a long time.

Last week I got a call from a very well spoken polite gentleman. He sounded familiar to me so let him talk, explaining to me the problem with his television set until I identified his voice.
'Is your son named Jeff" I asked.
"Why yes, how could you know that?" he says.
"Mr. Maddox, I worked for Jeff, I went to school with Jeff...Hell I've been to your house and did your tile in your Den and you and your wife...Ann, right? Ya'll fed me dinner...we had those speckled Anastzi Beans and Brisket!"
Of course he remembered me, even though it was almost ten years ago..
I gave him my phone nunber and that afternoon Jeff called me.

A few days later I saw an ad in the paper for my 35 year class reunion.
I had spent 20 years being a Chef and did not have time for anything like a class Reunion. Then I spent 10 years so fucked up I wouldn’t think about going to a class reunion. The last 5 years I have been too SORRY to go to a class Reunion. I responded and the last week has seen half a dozen people from my distant past come back into my life.

Some of these people went to Church with me in my youth.
Some were my best pals in Boy Scouts, and shared Boy Scout eggs with me.
I've written a lot here about some of these people.
The miracle is not that our paths have crossed again.

The miracle is that because of the program I am in in NA, and because I have 326 days of being clean and sober, and because I have gained a certain amount of self acceptance, in part because of this blog....

The Miracle is that I am actually willing to let these people into my life again.


e said...


You rock! Whatever previous notions you had about your butt being sorry, it is worth saving and so is the spirit that lives in you. Congratulations on reaping the benefits of recovery and on being able to give to others. You do that daily, whether you realize it or not.

West Texas Insomniac said...

Well, I know you've been "around", and when I said I read 3-4 blogs, you're in pretty good company. (Since Sobriety Girl and Mark Cuban are in that small bunch...)

You ARE attending, right?

GEWELS said...

Good for you Bulletholes.
Those people will be all the richer now that you are allowing them to know you.


Martijn said...

Enjoyed this piece tremendously. Miracles... you be your miracle.