Thursday, June 25, 2009


I went to my very first Rock Concert in 1972.
The band was Foghat.
They had a huge hit with an old Willie Dixon song "I Just Wanna Make Love To You".
The auditorium was filled with smoke and our seats were way up in the rafters, Row ZZ, in the Crows nest.
I was getting very stoned.
There was all that smoke, and all those lights at the stage, and the Foghat dudes were all wearing Rock Star clothes and I wanted to be a rock star too. I didn't have any Rock Star clothes. Mom wouldn't let me. I'd had to do some real manipulating just to be here, because no way would mom and dad let me go anywhere near a Rock concert.

Foghat started to play their big hit "I Just Wanna Make Love to You" and the Bass line was pounding away:
"Buh-boom-boom-boom-boomboom -buh-buh"
and the lead guitar started in with the
And then the singer sings

"I just Wanna Make... Love to You"

In my youthful exuberence I was completely overcome.
I stood up and started to rock out.
But then the room began to spin, and I to wobble, and the vertigo kicked in.
The next thing I knew, I was falling into the lap of the cool looking dude in Rock Star clothes sitting in front of me, who looked down into my face and said:
"Very un-cool, dude"

There is no humility that compares to being told you are "un-cool" by a really cool looking dude. Never, ever, stand up if you are in Row ZZ.


West Texas Insomniac said...

I am ROFLMAO...My first concert without supervision was KISS in 1977. Over the next 5 years I went to every show I could...Foghat, Nazareth, Rush, Foreigner, ZZ Top, Boston & on & on...I've still got all the stubs.

So I'm writing this book. I should say, I have a lot of material written, hoping to turn it into a book, and I just wrote about the last time I got high.

It'd been almost 20 years since I'd smoked the evil weed. I went to a Metallica show at Texas Stadium. One of these all day affairs with 5-6 bands. Two bands in, a joint got passed, then I realized the guy that handed it to me had already lit another one. He was giving it to me & 2 buddies. We finished it and I thought I'd be ok, but I needed to pee, so I stood up. As I was headed to the men's room, the whole world started spinning. I was completely "tweaked" at 2pm...I couldn't get out of there fast enough. I pushed my way through the crowd & went to my truck, leaned the seat back, turned the AC on high and stayed there for hours. I could hear the bands in the parking lot, and before Metallica went on I went back to my seat. I've never felt so "uncool" in my life, but I was reminded why I quit in the first place...

Water Baby said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, i laughed so hard when I read this, I HAD to read it to all three of my roommates, who immediately laughed harder than I did XD