Thursday, June 04, 2009


You see all these different tests to determine your personality type these days.
Things like 'What kind of Dog are you" and "What Color Easter Egg are You" and stuff like that. They all list the traits exhibited from a series of questions and get you into a cute little category of some sort that you can be very proud of.

I think maybe its a lot more simple than all that. I think I can tell you who you are by just asking one question:
"What was your favorite Lunch Box when you were a kid?"

If you are a cop today, Ill bet your favorite lunch box was Dick Tracy, or Superman.
If you are a Five-star General, I'd bet on GI Joe.
Are there any lady lawyers out there? Did you have a Nancy Drew or Honey West lunchbox? Yes, I imagine you did.
If you favorite lunchbox was a Wrestler, you might be a redneck.
If your mother sent you to school with the bologna Sandwich, carrot stick, apple and Twinkie all in a brown paper bag, then I bet you had a notebook with your logo, your insignia, that you carried like a banner.
Barbie, Kermit the Frog and The Terminator.
These are the threads of the very fabric of our lives.

Me? My favorite lunchbox?
Woody Woodpecker, of course!


Ho-ho-ho ho ho! Ho-ho-ho ho ho!
Oh, that's the Woody Woodpecker song
Ho-ho-ho ho ho! Ho-ho-ho ho ho!
Yeah, he's a-peckin' it all day long

He pecks a few holes in a tree to see
If a redwood's really red
And it's nothing to him, on the tiniest whim
To peck a few holes in your head

Ho-ho-ho ho ho! Ho-ho-ho ho ho!
Oh, that's the Woody Woodpecker's tune
Ho-ho-ho ho ho! Ho-ho-ho ho ho!
Makes the other woodpeckers swoon

Though it doesn't make sense to the dull and the dense
And the lady woodpeckers long for
Ho-ho-ho ho ho! Ho-ho-ho ho ho!
That's the Woody Woodpecker song


Water Baby said...

Mine was Pocahontas!

Martijn said...

I didn't even HAD a lunchbox. But if I was allowed a choice in those days, I think I would have a hard time choosing between "Alias Smith & Jones" or "Dukes of Hazard". Funny... I only see the paralel between them now.

Anonymous said...

I never did like Woody Woodpecker. I know you gotta know who this is...