Monday, June 29, 2009


345 days clean and sober.
330 posts in 345 days.
I'd hoped to hit 365 in 365 with 365 days clean, but I think I'm done.
I might could do 35 posts in the next 20 days, but they would be real crap.
So I just might be done.
Thats what they say down at NA when you are at the end of the road.

I said "this is the last time"
A few times ago
But once more it's happened
And that's all in the world I know
I still hear the echo
When you hung up the phone
I feel like I'm lost in the back yard
Just trying to get home.

I woke up in a strange world
I can aptly describe
It's like the streets of a town where I lived
When I was too young to drive
It all looks so Familiar
But I can't find my way
I must have got lost in the back yard
When I went out to play

Don't open my eyes
To nothing like truth
Just leave it all lost in the wind
Let it hide in the blindness of youth
The facts of the matter
Most likely will always remain
And I guess I'll be lost in the back yard
Till I get home again

j. mcmurtry


Anonymous said... that it? Hey Chef!!

GrizzBabe said...

Done as in not blog anymore? Ever?

Angela said...

What is a yum-yum?
Still so many questions, you can`t LEAVE us!

Water Baby said...

Daddy? you there?

Angela, yum yum is an expression that means something tastes good, as in "Yum, yum that food was very good" You can also say something was very yummy

Water Baby said...

ha ha, i just read my dad's comment with yum yum in it. I think he is a little crazy, he stretches the meanings of words sometimes:)

West Texas Insomniac said...

Y'know, I started reading you a while before I started leaving my wise-assed comments here. You don't really know me, but you've been an inspiration. You made me start writing again...It wasn't only that, I wanted to write "better". Too much for ya, old man?

I get the feeling you're not just talking about the blog. (Or tell me I'm wrong.) I hope you're doing ok. Because when I first started reading you, you were sure things were going to be "ok". If you're just tired of telling stories, but life is good, I can live with that.

Are you a "Tombstone" fan? I'll leave you with this...tb

Turkey Creek Jack Johnson: "Why do you do it?"

Doc Holliday: "Wyatt is my friend."

Turkey Creek Jack Johnson: "Friend? Hell, I got lots of friends."

Doc Holliday: "I don't."

Lily said...

Nooooooooooo! You have to keep posting or how are we to celebrate 365 days clean with you?!

laughingattheslut said...

Well, in twenty days someone will doing something cool, probably be celebrating 365 days sober, and possibly writing the number 365 blog post.

Well, in twenty days I will be...what? Celebrating 365 days of complaining about crap and putting off stuff like doing the laundry?

That doesn't sound as good, does it?

Anonymous said...

Keep it UP man...

West Texas Insomniac said...

Have a good time, relax and be safe this 4th of July weekend...tb

Anonymous said...

I'm done? Let's see, you write through the dark and at that golden pink part of the dawn you leave the sun hiding just out of site? May look inviting but you just can't get on with it without gett'n a rise!!!

Water Baby said...

What day is your ceremony, I told you I wanted to be there!

GEWELS said...

You're not done- quit bullshitting us! I know you- you're NOT done!

Mother of Invention said...

I'm with Gewells! You ain't done..maybe you'll nust be beginning a new slate of a new 365. Congrtats on that! I'm proud of you! I'd come to your ceremony too if I were in Texas! Congrats on the have way more in you than most of us do in that regard!

Hope you're having a great July 4th weekend.

e said...

Hey Bullet,


Done blogging????

Done with newfound sobriety????

Tell me it ain't so!

I'd come to your ceremony as well if I were anywhere in your state, geographically speaking...

Please let me know you're okay...

Martijn said...

That's a bold statement: ... 'I'm done'. I like bold statements. When your done, your done. Till the day you find you're undone of course. There's definitely a very decisive character running in your gene pool. First Dave, now you? There was so much you could be writing about I think, not the 365 days, because that's just a number, but how it felt, how that develloped. How inspirational it is! I'm not saying was because I don't think you're done. Anyway, howdy y'all! Keep in touch.

Martijn said...

Let's try to write English next time, Martijn! "When you're done, you're done" it should have gone. (And I'm sure there are enough other errors, but we don't care.)

Barbara said...

What in the world does DONE mean? No way you're done blogging, you hear?!

cornbread hell said...


did you fall off the wagon? or what?

Anonymous said...

I'm with everybody else. What's happening over there? Clean and blogging--that's the ticket! Yr pal, UF Mike

SkippyMom said...

I wish to applaud you. Nicely done. No apologies.

I do want to add that on July 21st we are attending our beloved "Uncle"'s teenage graduation at NA [did I say that right? He is celebrating his 13th year sober]. We are so excited and thrilled for him.

You should be proud of yourself. It may just be the net, but I have to say I am proud of you too.

I will miss you, but I understand. :)

Many hugs to you my friend.

SkippyMom said...

PS - OOPS I didn't read the comments first - and I have no opinion on whether not you slipped up.

My last statement still stands and I have an idea - how about 20 guest posters? We can get you to 365 posts :D 'cause we love 'ya.

How about that? Or you can watch the news and just rant [pretty much what I do] OR oh!!! I can lend you my stupid Chesapeake Bay Retreiver and you can blog about all the things HE does.

Or we can just pick on Waiter Extraordinaire. That could be fun ;) [don't tell him I said that - HI "S"! hope vacation is fun]

Okay..out of ideas, but really, don't leave. Please?

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