Monday, October 19, 2009


I had a date this weekend!
I went down to Granbury, about an hour from Fort Worth to see an outdoor play called “The Promise”, all about the life and death of Jesus.
My friend lives in Granbury, right on the Golf Course. She has a sweet Greyhound named Gracie.
After the play I spent the night in the guestroom.
Just before turning in, she asked me:
“So, are you a morning person?”
To which I replied in my usual quite animated style:
‘You better betcha I am! I wake up, and the birds are chirpin’, and I pop out of bed and feel like a million bucks! I dance around, and sing a little song, sometimes ‘Rhinestone Cowboy” or ‘Baba O’Riley” by the Who or ‘Stolen Child”, that WB Yeats poem. I just feel so good, and love to be happy and friendly in the morning! In fact, my daughter says I am kinda hard to take in the morning”
She gave me a real sweet little thin grin, and then between clenched teeth, she said
“Well, I’m not!”

So the next morning I get up and true to form I am dancin’ and singin’ and jabberin’ away all kinds of nonsense the way I do.
By the end of breakfast, she had had about enough of me.
But that’s OK.
She was a very good hostess, and I never felt nervous or uneasy, and I even slept like a baby, which I don’t usually do when I am away from home.
And she might be able to say of me that I am goofy, silly, insane, immature, irresponsible and incompetent, and that I wear on ones last nerve like nobody she has ever met….
But she cannot say
‘That asshole was a real jerk”


kissyface said...

Did you just kiss and tell?

bulletholes said...

There was no kissin', no cussin'.
Hi kFC!

GEWELS said...

Glad you slept like a baby.
Rhinestone Cowboy- Really?? cowboy?

bulletholes said...

You don't remember this?

kissyface said...

Oh, that's too bad.

Vijay Eswaran said...

Hey, just stumbled upon your blog..:)
Dropping in to say hi.

Anonymous said...

I think she likes you ol' buddy.

Martijn said...

Gooog mornin' to you too. Helluva inspirational story. I wonder if I would be able to control myself after having seen a play about Jesus ("love thy neighbour... hey now buddy, not THAT much!"). But then again, maybe I AM a real jerk. Never mind. Hey Steve!