Thursday, October 15, 2009


Another UF Mike impression...

There is a very hostile undertone to this song which McCartneys Vienna choir-boy voice belies.
I was at a dive bar after Super Bowl 31 in the early days of Karaoke. A big hairy man in a tank-top took the stage.You could see just by his posture that he was angry, he was enraged, and he wanted some butt.
The ass kickin' kind of butt.
He brought out a side to this song I had never heard before. Mad as hell, he spat out the opening lines:

“Yesterday… all my troubles seemed so far away”
And today someone was going to get their ass kicked over it.
"Now it looks as though they’re here to stay"
That’s worth a major ass-whuppin’ right there.
But then this angry man with the scathing voice blurts out:
“Oh I believe in yesterday”
Frederich Nietzche called this a “re-sentiment”, later shortened to the more familiar “resentment”, in which one locks their heart forever to the past, and replays over and over again circumstances beyond their control, circumstances which, with a little sober effort, would obviously reveal themselves as having been brought about by their own defects.

So this big ‘ol boy, mad as hell and locked in the past gets to the chorus:
“‘Why she had to go…

When he said” I don’t know”, the glasses behind the bar rattled and nearly walked off the shelf.
There was no remorse, no guilt, no shame or contrition in his voice.
No, this guy was truly pissed that anyone would leave, and he was clueless as to why she might.
He really didn’t know.



kissyface said...

When did he post that and how did I miss it? That is the scariest photo.

Last night I read an old comment you left on my blog last Christmastime. It made me laugh so hard I got a stitch. It was in response to a post I made about this douchey spiritual guy at the New Age bookstore:

"About thirty years ago I went eclectic when I meant to go esoteric.
Now I'm happy just being erudite.
I've really tried hard to stop pretending I know things that I ...don't.

Oh, I just went and looked up'm not that either."

But you are awesome.

bulletholes said...

Kissy-baby, you flatter me to think this was a real "Mike" post....I have stolen his schtick, this is all me...

that post of yours is one of my favorites. i go back and read it from time to time. I especially like the line "No one can hear you scream in space"

I'd forgotten about my comment. That is pretty good. I wonder what they will think of us bloggers a million years from now, when they start finding our hard drives...

hi Kissy!

bulletholes said...

Oh, and for anyone who wants to see Kissy's post we are talking you go.

Barbara said...

Nothing like getting a little carried away with karaoke! It's actually harder than it seems, especially if you are sober.

kissyface said...

Aw shucks, yeah. It's a real heartwarming Christmas spirit kind of story.

And Steve, I don't know if you are being optimistic or naive, but I've never had a hard drive that could make it past a year and a half.