Friday, October 02, 2009


Minnie Ripperton sang “Lovin’ You”, a real Sweet Potato of a song and kept up her high pitched whine throughout with lyrics like:
"Lovin' you is easy cuz you're beautiful"
followed by the redundant
“Lalalalala,lalalala, lala-lala-lala,lalal, la-la-ah”
If it were not for the comma’s and the “Ah” at the end, one might fall asleep, except Minnie does liven it up with the suggestive
“And every time that we oooooh”
And that keyboard!
It had the energy of an old guy that to played a one man show at a bad restaurant I used to work at.

I remember driving down the street in 1974 with my buddy Steve Holland.
"Lovin'' You" came on the radio and Steve got all excited and said “I love this song”.
I do not know what a 16 year-old boy must be going through to like this song, but I always felt sorry for Steve after that.
If I had only had an FM radio in my car, it would never have happened.

Through sheer creative genius, the DJ’s of the period would often follow Ripperton’s offering with Joe Cocker, croaking out his hit “You Are So Beautiful”.
Now I liked this song, it even got me laid one time, but the overall effect of playing it after "Lovin’ You” was somewhat akin to treating a sprained ankle by submersing in ice, then applying heat.
Only without the health benefits.
And when Joe would try for that high note at the very end of the song, you can almost see him convulse spasmodically up on his toes and about to rip his pants from stem to stern and come up still a bit flat.
So there you have it.
Anyone seen Steve Holland?



soubriquet said...

My God!
A car with a GUMSHIELD!!!!!

We used to call her Minnie Ripp-em-off.
That high pitched squeal would scare an elephant.

bulletholes said...

Souby, see the orange part of the hood ornament? Its a plastic Indian head on a chrome Airplane and whern you turn your lights on at night, the Star cheif glows from the lightbulb inside!
What a car!

kissyface said...

I understood that she wrote that song for her daughter, Maya Rudolph. But now that I see that last line, it seems sorta suggestive.

What's more redundant, that song or the La la la la la la la la la la Song?

soubriquet said...

I looked it up. Cool car! There's one for sale in Nevada for $5000..... mind you, it needs a complete rebuild, the one in florida is ready to go at $30,000, but it's in baby-cack brown. Who'd by a car that looks like a filled diaper?

Minnie hurts my ears.

GrizzBabe said...

Two words come to mind when I see that car. Babe. Magnet.

West Texas Insomniac said...

I saw a mint '55 Star Chief yesterday, red & white. It was stunning. I'm tooling along at 75 mph and this lil' ol' man passes me in this classic like I'm in the breakdown lane. I couldn't tell, but I bet he only had an AM radio.

The Minnie Ripperton song reminds me of being in the dentist chair with headphones on. I'd rather chew on tinfoil than listen to that song ever again.

Barbara said...

Love the old Pontiac. It looked a lot like our 1955 Dodge Royal Lancer -- a 3-tone beauty. My bike at the time was the same 3 colors. And those white sidewalls! Cars just aren't the same today.

Martijn said...

I know Minnie the Moocher. The songs, that is, not the moocher. But no Minnie Ripperton. And no Steve Holland. Wait... isn't he a jazz bass player? I saw him in The Hague once. Oh, no, that is Dave Holland, maybe he's his brother.

Never mind, I do know the song Lovin' You, and it has caused one of the worst cases of embarrassment ever recorded in the history of mankind. It was at a wedding last year when a female wedding singer sang it to the couple in such a lovey-dovey way I had to crawl down the back. An even worse state of embarrassment was at another wedding when the singer there sang John Denver's 'Jet plane' to a drooling guy in a wheel chair. Oh, Christ, Steve I mean... is life nothing more than a series of embarrassing memories? Thank goodness for hypercool cars?

Martijn said...

Damn! I couldn't have been "Jet Plane" I heard that woeful day. That the song isn't suited for a wedding AT ALL! It must have been "Annie's Song"... yes, come to think of it, it really wás A.S. All this time, I've been singing 'Jet Plane' myself with my guitar, thinking back of that itchy-smiley face of the wedding singer not more than 3 inches above the face of the handicapped gentleman in the wheelchair and my flesh crawling from embarrassment, but it was Annie's Song al along. Boy, that's a relief. That is a far worse song, but I never sing it. (Sorry to digress.)

SL said...

This was such a great car! As the B-52 song goes "it seats about 20". Didn't you call it "The Ponte"?

Anonymous said...

Those two sings are inextricably linked in the seventies zeitgeist. Vocal extremism is what I'd call it. Hey Steve!

UF Mike

bulletholes said...

my Grandmother gave me this car in mint condition, 27,000 miles on it. I tore it up in 3 years.
I ought to burn in hell for that alone.
It had a 4 Speed Hydramatic Transmission. It would float down a gravel road once you got over 60.
And it had a HUGE backseat, baby.

Mike, sometimes they would follow these two with BJ Thomas doing 'Everything is Beautiful".

Anonymous said...

Steve Holland. I went to high school w/ him!!! He was a grade under me, and such a freakin' dork. I guess, more than one Steve Holland in this world???? "T--Munchkin"

bulletholes said...

Must be, munchkin!