Thursday, October 08, 2009


Went and bought me an outfit to wear to court.
Khaki pants, Slate Grey shirt with broad Tan and thin Lavender Plaids, with a nice Oleg Cassini Forest Green tie.
Totally Masculine, yet tres sensitive.
I haven’t worn a tie in 14 years.
Thought I’d show the event the respect it deserves.


Kilroy_60 said...

Long time, no hear, Steve, my man.

Looking back through your blog I had more than a few good laughs, especially the I'm Not Back post.

Yes, indeed, old friend, you've come a long way since you had no blogging name of your own and were posting as some sort of twisted experiment.

Bloggers operate in an environment where time is best measured in dog years, not calendar years, and it's not easy maintaining you effort for an extended period.

Come the end of the month I will have had The Gonzo Papers rolling for four years!

It's been good fun, to be sure, more times than not and was therapeutic over the summer when I was out on the road with The Master Baiter looking for a place to spread my buddy's ashes after he splattered his brains all over his rig. Oh, yes, but that's another story for another day, eh.

Bringing people along like you, Steve, brings a measure of satisfaction that makes it easier and almost worthwhile putting up with some of the pigfuckers I couldn't be bothered with otherwise.

And that's the story for today, old friend, stop by and see my some time, eh, and send my best to old friends as you seem to have maintained a better connection with them than I have. Selah.


soubriquet said...

Steve, Congratulations for each and every day of the journey, 440 days so far, and reason to stand up with pride, those of us who have never been addicts can not truly know what you have gone through, but you've opened a window for us.

I'd say the last 440 days has been a story of a man rediscovering life.

Congratulations again.

kissyface said...

Rock it!