Monday, April 18, 2011


I've had this picture for months. You'd think after blogging for 5 years, and reading posts by Davy and UF Mike, that I would be able to come up with some kind of crazy story to go with this picture, but I just absolutely have no talent for fiction.
You can tell it is a Maneater, a rogue, and once a squirrel gets a taste for man-flesh people will come up missing. Even thats not original; I stole it from Souby

Or there is a really bad joke about a squirrel hunter in East Texas that knocked squirrels out of trees, stone cold dead as they hit the ground, just on the virtue of his being so ugly. When asked if he knew anyone else ugly enough to kill a squirrel, he indicated his wife was, but she couldn't come squirrel hunting anymore because she was SO ugly it tore 'em up too bad, and there was nothing left of them after they seen her.

There were squirrels in our neighborhood in Detroit, and the brown ones could be tamed with a bag of nuts to the point they would eat out of your hand. The black ones, well, they never did seem to trust nobody, but in Detroit in 1967, how could you blame them.

Anyway, thats about all I know to say about this really funny picture.


AnitaNH said...

Looks like "Mica's Chippie" bit the big one! Here he is in better days:

Hi Steve!

bulletholes said...

Yes, Nita, everytime I go to your site I see Mica's Chippie and it reminds me of this pic. I was getting obsessed, and needed to let this go. I hope the boys with guns, asnd the cats and foxes stay away from little Mica.
You have a cool place up there.

Lily said...

ha ha - took me a while to realise I wasn't looking at two real guys

AnitaNH said...

I absolutely love it here! Look what I just saw out my back window:

dmarks said...

Who let Sandy out of Bikini Bottom?