Thursday, April 07, 2011


You know, sometimes when I chair meetings I wonder what some of the old timers think, the way I act so crazy sometimes. Well, not so much crazy as much as I'm just so good at it. I'm a good reader, and a good talker, and my years growing up in Michigan gave me that midwestern accent which I can turn on and off at will. I'm also quite animated, if you can imagine, as well as being a loudmouth. But I'm a funny, happy loudmouth, and  I can make my voice sound like a Game Show host at just the right times.
But there is more to chairing a meeting than having a good voice. As Chairperson, you pick and present a topic, and I'm good at that too. Maybe the most important thing a chair does is to sit back and shut up after the topic is presented, and let the meeting find its way, and to make sure that whoever is sharing has your undivided attention, because you set the example for everybody else.

But I wonder sometimes, what the Old Timers think. Guys that have been around for 20 years and always come off serious as a Heart Attack about everything. Not everyone is supposed to be a loudmouth, not everyone can do that, and sometimes I feel uncomfortable when my personality just takes over and I start in being carefree, laughing, foolish and wise, and I look over at Yak-Yak and Digger, two guys with about 50 years clean time between them, and they are almost scowling at me with Zero appreciation for my jollility..
So yesterday, when it became obvious that we needed a chair for the noon, and L'il Christie asked me to do it, I said "I really just wanted to listen. I really don't feel like putting on the "Steve Show" today" and of course everybody laughed and then Petro, the tough lookin' no-nonsense President of the Third Tradition Motorcycle Club who sometimes looks at me like I'm nuts, he says:
"But I LIKE the Steve Show"
So how could I refuse that?
Its not easy being me , its really not.


Kim said...

yes, i can just imagine that you liven up a meeting, Mr BH. Why if you'd been around when I got sober maybe I'd've gone to meetings...

bulletholes said...

I get really excited at the prospect of staying off drugs, and I tend to let it show.
Hi kim!