Wednesday, April 20, 2011


"Tonights the Night” by Rod Stewart

Heres a guy that wears Seafoam Green lame’ pants, a frosted blonde hairdo, and treats jewelry the way Tammy Faye treated make-up.
Look at that androgenous look on his face; he just wants to be touched and he doesn't really care by who. If you look closely you can see he has at least been vaccinated for something.
Sometimes I let a bad song pass because maybe it helped get me laid, but I just can't do that here.
Its bad enough that Rod threatens to kidnap you and keep you hostage with these frightening opening lines:

“Stay away from my window
Stay away from my back door too
Disconnect the telephone line”

That's creepy.
Its hard to stop a man wearing a waist bracelet.
But did we really need to suffer through all the moanin’ and groanin’ going on at the close of this song?


AnitaNH said...

I couldn't bear to load that Rod Stewart tune from YouTube, but I did like The River.

bulletholes said...

HAHA! Nor should you have clicked om the link...yeah, THE RIVER is a cool song....hey Nita!