Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Bulletholes On Sabbatical

There is no better way to get the ol' blogging juices flowing than to announce an end to blogging activities, or at least brief hiatus.


Martijn said...

I don't know what to say to this. Litterally. Many things come into my head, but none of it is logical or constructive.

Hope you had fun blogging in any case. And you will remain in the air on the other media I hope.

Shit, I try to convince myself every day that it's better for me to stop all writing everywhere, but then I think: no, the writing is not the problem, the not-writing is. Blah blah blah (and thát is another problem: hating that what I write!) but then I just say: I enjoyed this blog tremendously and will keep an eye out for its resurrection.

SL said...

Oh Bulletholes, don't be gone long! We will miss your thoughts, your humor and your stories very much while you are gone.

red dirt girl said...

C'mon cowboy .... you can't leave us in the lurch AGAIN ....Facebook doesn't need you. WE DO!!