Friday, February 24, 2012


My roomate, Buckshot, kept playing the same CD over and over again when I first moved in with him back about October. It always delivered him into what can only be described as weeping fits. He is recently divorced from some "whore", as he chose to call her, but the weeping was a sure tip off that he still had feelings for her.

How we do love our sluts yes?

Anyway I came home one night to find him with that horrible CD playing while he was in the garage with a .38 revolver in his mouth.
I turned the music off and took him to the county hospital for a psych evaluation.
They gave him some pills and advised him not to listen to anymore weepy music.

It wasn't until the Grammy's that I was able to identify that CD as being Adele, and except for the names and a few other changes it might have been me out there in the garage with a pistol in my mouth over that damned CD.

Really, its not that bad. She looks a little like Devine to me, but her voice reminds me of Bonnie Raitt.
Picture snagged over at This Isn't Happiness.


Martijn said...

This is writing Beyond Belief! It really is. I can't begin to explain myself... just wonderful.

Take care of Buckshot and yourself. Tell Buckshot a crazy Dutchman lmows about him and cares.


Martijn said...

"knows" that should have read of course.

bulletholes said...

Buckshot has gotten better. We got rid of the CD, and I put locks on the gun cabinet.
Hey Martjin!

West Texas Insomniac said...

I read somewhere that Adele saved the recording industry in 2011. I call bullshit, but I do understand her appeal...The pretty, chubby girl got her heart all broke, cried and recorded it. If you pay attention you can watch things like this go viral now. Every soccer mom I know posted "Rolling in the Deep" on their Facebook status. Soccer moms buy music. They're the target demographic, whether you're selling cars or CDs. Then at Grammy time she has to borrow the Christopher Cross Wheelbarrow to haul off all of her booty. That doesn't mean it's particularly "good". The people that made Adele rich keep American Idol in business and buy their kids Justin Beiber downloads for their iPods. Bless their hearts. It doesn't make 'em wrong, but pop music has never grown out of the majority.