Friday, February 10, 2012


A quick poll at TYWKIWDBI. I was worried i might be becoming more liberal, but I fell into the same group as last year.
Click here and take the poll and post the results for TY. Its a great blog he runs over there.
Interesting reading about the characteristics of the   different  "types".
I heard once people aren't normal.
 Numbers are normal.
People are typical.
What type are you?


Martijn said...

Shitterdeshitshitshit. I posted a beautiful comment just now but the word ferivication completely hmmhmmed me! I even commented on your word ferivication, how it thwarts me lately, always asking me twice.

I forgot my actual comment, but it had something to do with the length of your blogging hiatus, and a cheer for your swift comeback. Again the W.F. now: gradd.

Martijn said...

Yes, I passed!

bulletholes said...

I was just hoping that post would prompt me in some fashion to write something woerth a shit.. It didn't..

Martijn said...

It is impossible for normal human beings to write for a blog, and on facebook, and do your work, and watch TV, and... It is impossible! You (here I mean myself) have to make a choise.

I'm in great confusion with this myself. I like to play around on facebook (which is made impossible to because of social conventions and such), I like to write other things on the blog, I love to comment on other people's blogs, and I hope to write even more obscure things elsewhere: on real paper.

And none of it comes alive. Priorities I guess. And being a lazy sod (again I mean myself, not you). Tricky shit! Personal choice too.

I like your blog!

red dirt girl said...

Now I've forgotten what type I am after reading Martijn's funny comments.... um I think I was a solid liberal (but taking the quiz more than a few times, part of me was just totally Disaffected ....)I suppose it depends on which day of the month you poll me ;)