Thursday, February 23, 2012


Interviewer to Dave Grohl,
“What’s the most out-of-control gig you’ve ever been to?”
Grohl: ”Nirvana’s show in Dallas at a club called Trees in 1991 was the closest thing to a punk rock riot I’ve ever seen. It was way over capacity, Kurt got punched in the face, he smashed the monitor board to bits and then hit a bouncer in the head with his guitar. There was blood everywhere. We were told that the people who worked there were going to kill us so we got in a cab but it was mobbed and they smashed a window. I jumped back in the club, got a ride with some chick and we got into a car accident. This was all in the course of two-and-a-half hours!”

Cobains guitar used to whack the bouncer.

Live at Trees. I never really knew that Cobain was a southpaw.

All these gathered from my pal at West Texas Insomniacs  new Tumblr.


West Texas Insomniac said...

Thanks for the blog-love, Steve! There's a funny story in 'storage' that covers this whole day -- before, during and after the Nirvana show at Trees. It's funny how many people I used to meet that SAID they were there that night, especially after Cobain went on ahead of us and after Trees closed the first time. I mean, it's not like this was at Reunion Arena -- Trees held 600 on a good night. THEY say there were 1000 in there for Nirvana and I believe it. One of only two times I ever felt a crowd at a show could be dangerous.

Dan said...

He uses the blue mustang to smash the monitor and snaps the neck, he hits the bouncer with the Jag.