Thursday, February 16, 2012


Its her 1 Year Anniversary of doing the Tumbler blog thing!
SL is one of my best friends ever. She has been since High School when I would call her up in the middle of the night and tell her what I'd been up to and we'd just laugh! Or at school and sometimes she would be worried about me as I staggered down the hall bouncing off the lockers H-H-High-igh as a kite flies.

SL doesn't write a lot, but she posts a lot of great pictures and quotes and I look forward every day to see what she wants to share with us. This picture is one of my favorites, and you can follow this link to see the text she chose from the movie "Harvey" with James Stewart.

SL did send me something she wtrote a while back. She wrote it about me and I kept it and it seems as good a time to post now as any.

When The Grass Sings

In my junior year of high school, Tracy and I had math together just before lunch. As soon as class was over, we headed out for lunch. Our lunch routine consisted of, getting high on the way to Jack in the Box, and eating in the car on the way back. That left plenty of time to get into all sorts of mischief for the remainder of the lunch period.

One such bright, clear, windy November day, we were late…..very late…..when we emerged from my car. We were feeling really good as we headed up the steps from the parking lot. Afternoon classes were already well underway. The parking lot was empty, and the smoking area was empty, and it was so… very…quiet! As a matter of fact, the only other person we could see anywhere, was Bulletholes. He was sitting on the steps from the parking lot, completely lost in thought. As we approached, I asked him what he was doing. He looked up, his face just light up with amazement and he said, “ I am listening…..this grass….it’s like it’s singing!!” Tracy and I looked at each other, thinking apparently Bulletholes had had something different for lunch than we did! But we listened anyway, and Damn if he wasn’t right! The wind blowing through the grass made a whistling sound. It was like a snake charmer’s tune. Forgetting about classes, we sat down on the steps with him. Soon each of us was lost in our own thoughts, listening to the grass sing.

Stepping out of my car to go in to work today, I had many things on my To-Do List. As I started up the steps to the building, a strong wind sang through the trees and I flashed back to that day. I wish I had the luxury of time to just sit down and enjoy the song today.

Ain't she great!
Who says I didn't learn anything at school?


SL said...

Thanks Bullet Holes! Sigh....such carefree, happy days....

bulletholes said...

I think that must have been my Native American period, where I learned to Shape-Shift.
Too much Billy Jack.