Monday, February 27, 2012


I work with a lady, I call her Ruthless, that anytime you start to explain why you did something she starts shaking her head "no" before you get three words out of your mouth. Its really unattractive and will only get worse with age, I'm sure.

Then the boss, Dan-O, he's a basket case all the time, and when confronted with a little pressure he starts scratching his head.

So we had some Upper Management people in a few days ago, and it was high anxiety around here, and the Regional VP asked me some non-consequential question about how I do my work.  I looked past the VP, and Ruthless and Dan-O are standing there behind him with terrified looks on their faces, Rachel shaking her head "no", and Dan-O scratching his head with BOTH HANDS.
It was too much and I just cracked up, and the VP asked me why I was cracking up and I just went ahead and told him just what I have told you here.


red dirt girl said...

Oh cowboy, you are just TOO FUNNY! I wish you worked with me !! This made me laugh.


bulletholes said...

Thats the only reason they keep me around. They think I'm funny too.