Friday, March 06, 2015


I've got to like Kid Rock. I knew him before he was Kid Rock. At least, I knew a guy looked, acted, and got just as much or more pussy as Kid Rock. He was my best bud in HS, and we were 10 times the trouble together as we were apart.
On opening night of Spring Break he and I stayed out past curfew, which was a major problem for our hard ass dads. My dad told me "either obey the rules of this house, or leave".
I said "OK, fair enough", packed a bag and went to Johns house, whose dad, predictably, had offered John the same deal, and John was waiting at the curb with his little knapsack.
Man, did we have some fun the next two weeks.
We out Kid Rocked Kid Rock, I guarangodamnedtee you me.

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