Wednesday, March 25, 2015


You know what’s really funny about my sister?
You may recall she passed away back in January after years of being ill.
There was a guy that kept asking her out the last three years. And she would stand him up. And he just kept asking her out.
She finally went out with him one time.
She called me the next day.
“You call him and tell him not to ever try to kiss me again”
“He tried to kiss you?”
“When he dropped me off and walked me to the door”
“And you wouldn’t kiss him?”
“No, I’m not that kind of girl”
“its just a kiss Lisa. He’s asked you out a million times. You should go ahead and kiss him, just a little kiss”
I can tell by her voice she’s totally offended.
“I have my boundaries” she says.
“Well, so do I” I say “And I have no intention of calling him and telling him not to try to kiss you anymore. Its not my job”.

I know this guy. He’s had a stroke, walks with a limp and his left arm is mostly immobile. He may be a creep, but he’s hardly a threat. He seems like a sweetheart to me. Hell, if I was girl I’d kiss him, just out of pity.

But then, if I was a girl, I’d be kissing EVERYBODY.

So now I’ve got all her stuff, and this is whats weird.
She has every episode of every season of “Sex In The City” on videotape.
But the last 4 Seasons are unopened.

Maybe that where they get to the kissing part?

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