Thursday, August 18, 2016


"He is entirely wrapped up in himself, like a raccoon trapped in a garbage can, and apparently uninterested in the realities of policy and politics, which unnerves old hands in the Republican Party, but what can they do? He came to political prominence in 2011 by insisting that Barack Obama is secretly a Kenyan, which appealed to a large segment of Republicans, the same ones who imagine that the government is sitting on a secret formula for turning tap water into fuel.
Reality is a show, and wild conjecture and playground insult are his strong suits. He has gotten a long free ride on news shows...the first albino raccoon to run for president. His platform, whatever it may be on any given day, is pure hokum. He is, as Mitt Romney points out, a fraud. Hillary Clinton has her faults and is no whiz at email, but she does not walk around arguing with lampposts.
And meanwhile, Republicans are asking themselves how it happened that this freak was bestowed upon the national stage by their grand old party. Democrats have put forward candidates who lost spectacularly but we were never ashamed of them, they represented a strain, a tradition, of our particular circus. We never ran a raccoon for the presidency. We never put on a convention that our elders were too embarrassed to attend."
...excerpted from a really nice Garrison Keillor column.

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