Sunday, April 12, 2009


Granpa talked to a Teddy Bear that sat on the Kitchen table every morning.
He'd say "Hello bear" and then he'd sit down to eat his eggs.

One morning my kids attached dental floss to the bear and hid under the table.
Granpa came in and greeted the bear and sat down.
Then the bear moved; just a little twitch.
Granpa looked for a moment then went back to his eggs, satisfied that the bear would not move again..
As he buttered his toast the bear moved again, a little more than last time.
I was sitting on the other side of the table and he looked up to me and said 'I think that Bear just moved"
I feigned indifference and just kinda grunted "humpf" and took a sip of coffee.
Granpa studied the bear a long moment, seemed to wondering if his mind might be gone, and went back to his eggs.
As if on cue, as he was raising his fork loaded with eggs to his mouth, the bear scooted three inches towards him!
Granpa dropped his fork and bolted straight upright, his chair falls backwards and he is backing away from the table hollerin'
"That damned bear just moved"

And me and the kids just busted out laughin'! It was perfectly done!
We are lucky it didn't kill the ol' boy.


cornbread hell said...

i hope he got you hooligans back.

or do you still owe him one, too?

GEWELS said...

Steve, Steve, Steve.

I bet living in your house was a laugh a minute.

Water Baby said...

Lol yeah, I'm pretty sure we still owe him for that. I don't think he knew it was us! We never saw that darned bear ever again.