Thursday, April 09, 2009

"Mandatum novum do vobis ut diligatis invicem sicut dilexi vos"

for many a dark hour, i've been thinking of this
that jesus christ was betrayed with a kiss
but i can't think for you
you'll have to decide
if judas iscariot had god on his side

Man., I went Sunday Morning to my old Sunday School Class to tell them I have been going to Narcotics Anonymous and how much I am getting out of it. I used to go to that class about once a month, and they like me immensely as I do them. I wanted them to know where I've been the last 5 months, and that I am the Chairperson for the 10 and 12 O'Clock meetings on Sundays.
I should have known better….
They were very concerned that it is not a “Biblical” program.
They were concerned with the idea that we seek a "god of our own true understanding" and not their “one True God".
I tried to explain that NA is a simple Spiritual, not religious program and seems to be having a great effect on me and that it may even lead me back to the Church someday. (it could happen)
Its such a wonderful juxtaposition, a dichotomy, and one that they don't quite understand.
Somehow I managed to get out of there without insulting them or starting a huge fight of some sort.

But they invited me to their Maundy Thursday Service tonight and I will probably attend.

My boss and I talked about Maundy Thursday yesterday.
My title phrase is Latin, and we take Maundy from the word "mondatum" which is the first word in a phrase Christ gave us even as Judas was betraying him;

"A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you"

A wonderful juxtaposition, part of a really great story whether you choose to believe it or not.
My boss is very strong in his belief that yes, Judas had God on his side.
He says we all do.


GEWELS said...

It amazes me that those who are "born-again" or feel that their way is the only true way are so judgmental towards someone who is moving in such a positive direction (no matter what the road is). I think that is why I don't really believe in organized religion. The holier than thou types really irk me to no end.

Recommend that they all read "The Shack". Yes, some may have problems with the story. But, it works for me.

Hope you have fun at Maundy Thursday.

cornbread hell said...

happy easter season to you and yours, mr. holes!

i've got almost 2 months of your blog to catch up with. seriously. it's been since feb 17...

it's kinda like havin' a good book to read. woot!

bulletholes said...

Gewels, i wish i could say I was surprised by the reaction.

Cornbread! Man, I been missin' you! My posts lately have been too long, way too long and a bit uninspired but I just keep posting away. Good to see you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter buddy. Keep on Truckin.'

Martijn said...

Your postings may be long and requiring a little time & effort from the readers, but that is exactly the point of this whole business we call society, i.e. being there for one another. You write, I read, both benefit. Hey there, have a good Easter!

red dirt mule said...

Maundy Thursday services are so moving and healing. I went to one where the entire congregation washed one another's feet. Until we had washed and been washed. Talk about humbling! It was also at a Maundy Thursday service that I was healed of a drug allergy. It's true. After suffering for more than 2 years ... we prayed and prayed.

I'm with Gewels. I'm a believer but I also believe that 'my way' is mine only. It's a personal relationship with God. And who was not more personal with God than Judas ?? he makes me sad. imagine if your destiny was to betray Christ so that prophecies could be fulfilled ???? what an onerous job.

there's a church around the corner. i'm thinking about going to its sunday Easter service.

in the meantime, this bunny needs to get hoppin' on bunny duties!


bulletholes said...

Hey Waiter!

Martijn, I'm just gonna keep tap-ap-tapin' away. The price is right.

Red, I didn't get to go last night, I went to some kinda state NA Convention with 1000 other addicts, but i'll probably go to church Sunday AM early before my meeting.
What the Hell...The price is right.

Minx said...

Hmmm, and therein lies my problem with the God Squad.

I too am not surprised at their reaction (try explaining the true meaning of Paganism to righteous member of the GS) and I would say that you, Mr B, have more sprituality in your little finger than any of them. Their loss, honey!