Tuesday, April 21, 2009


"Belief and betrayal go hand in hand. Belief and truth don't always..."
Pauline, in a comment at "looking to Live"


cornbread hell said...

this implies belief and betrayal Always go hand in hand.

i don't think so.

do i need to point all the mindless things we do to betray ourselves and others?

(cheating on a spouse, getting hooked on drugs, etc, etc...)

you might counter that in these types of cases we "believe" we're invulnerable, but i'm still callin' bullshit.

just my opinionated 3 cents.

bulletholes said...

Hah! Cornbread speaks right up!
I've chosen to believe a lot of stuff just because it was most convenient and comfortable to do so...reality has a way of betrying comfort, at least it has sometimes in my life.I have a feeling what you are saying is not far off from what I am thinking.
Course, I'm not much on thinkin'...

cornbread hell said...

i agree. these philosophical topics always confuse the hell out of me.

but do you remember that old card game we used to call "bullshit"?

now, that's more my style.

Anonymous said...

I read it but I am a bit on the other side of the daytime for deep stuff.I like it though.