Thursday, April 02, 2009


I was getting a little worried about my dreams lately... but what a weekend I had!
This one was less about one of my reader friends and more about her dog and the effect I have on people sometimes when they meet me....and as she points out later, iit may have been more about me than anything...

Strange dream with you in it last night. I was meeting you and two of your friends somewhere, can’t recall the setting. Anyway, I saw a group of three people and as I approached I realized I didn’t have my glasses on so you guys were all blurry. I got closer and was able to rule one of the three out as not being you. He was tall, had grey hair and a white sweater and a big Hollywood scarf on. He kind of resembled George Plimpton.
The other two people had long straight hair, dishwater blondes and big glasses on. One of them was going to be you.

The one on the right seemed to be the more slender and feminine, so as I got closer in my mind I thought it was you, but my vision was still blurry.
My plan was to give you a BIG hello hug.
But when I got to within hugging distance from you, I realized the person I was about to hug was not you but a very effeminate male. The “real” you was standing next to him, and you were holding a leash with your dog Duff attached.
But it was too late!
I had already committed to hugging this man and hug him I did.
I hugged the heck outta him, pounding him on the back and loudly declaring how good it was to meet him. I had shifted entirely into my "Never met a stranger" mode.

And this is where the dream got...dreamlike.

The man I hugged was rather taken aback and wouldn't tell me his name. Actually, he was VERY put out by it and nearly fell down putting distance between he and I. If I had not had him in a Bear Hug, he might even have got away!
The whole thing, as dreams go, was starting to seem like a big mistake, but I would not be deterred. I was going to inflict myself onto each one of you until you were my friends!

The other man in the white sweater thought it was funny as hell and
laughed and laughed and laughed; He said his name was "Mr Wood", and I
couldn't help feeling in the dream that there was something sexual about the name
for the sake of the dream.
I got the feeling he knew more than the rest of us, and there was something about him I did not trust at all.

And you, well, you acted like you didn't know who I was and my
repeated attempts to tell you I was "Bulletholes" were unsuccessful.

'Its me, Bulletholes!" I said.
You shook your head no.
"You know, Bulletholes in the Mailbox!" I tried again.
You looked worried, like I might be mad and shook your head even harder.
"We've known each other for years!" and its true, though we've never met.
You looked at me like I was the ghost of George Bailey, the guy in "its a Wonderful Life" and seemed to back away, like his wife Mary the librarian did in the movie.

But your dog ol' Duff, well ... he was all over me , licking my face and jumping and
being a big ol' friendly dog.
I liked Duff the best of all your friends!
I woke up giving "Dog-Kisses" to my pillow!
Need a new pillow...

Now I sent this to my friend Kissyface and she did a great job analyzing it for me.
If I were to meet any of you out there, or your friends, or your dog, I'd be very excited!

So what did Kissyface say?
Well, heres a paragraph from what she sent me that smacks pretty real to me...
"Anyway, you have a trinity of something going on here. I can't help but thinking that we, with our nerd glasses, represent something cerebral ot you. Maybe with all this writing and thinking you've been doing, you are starting to realize what a really smart fellow you are. I don't know if you thought of yourself as something else before, but you certainly say things that make it seem as if you did. I think of you as a very physical person, as well. Belly laughs, bawdy humor, big hugs, trickster, jokester, a big shoulder to cry on, the class clown with deep pain and a big, big heart, a shining optimist at once a bit afeard yet truly in love with the world and its people."

Yes KFace, that is me!
I have always been able to tell how I am doing by how I see other people. When I am doing poorly, everyone looks ugly and hateful to me. When I'm doing well, everyones is in love.


Angela said...

I will tell you a secret, Mr. Bulletholes in the Mailbox, and so I write it in German: Ich habe letzte Nacht auch von Dir geträumt! Du warst mit meinen anderen Blog-Freunden bei uns im Wohnzimmer, und wir haben uns nett unterhalten. Nichts Aufregendes also, aber immerhin. Lustig, oder?
And thanks a lot for the link to the Stufen-Translation! That was good.

Mother of Invention said...

I think she's got you pegged right on!

bulletholes said...

Angela, und Albtraum, ya?

hey Mom! You would know ay? Was i kinda loud when i met you and Dave? i imagine they could hear mme all the way to terminal B! And really, that day I was feelin' Kinda quiet!

GEWELS said...

Hopefully, you're doing well today because we're ALL in Love with you.

Dogs are a great judge of character!