Monday, April 06, 2009



We were lined up at the starting line when the man fired the starting pistol.
I took off clean, then fell and scuffed my knee in my little Easter shorts, ripping my jacket as well. I thought my chaces were slim, but I recovered and ran like a deer, scooping up candy and eggs like Deon Sanders on a loose ball.
Before long I was way out in front of everybody.
There was a line of trees in front of me.
Then I found it!
The worlds biggest Chocolate Bunny! It must have been 2 feet tall.
The Grand Prize of the Easter Egg Hunt!
It came with $20 and I got my picture made with the Governor and Miss Texas, 1961.

And all the kids hated me forever after that.


SkippyMom said...

Sorry the kids hated you, but I LOVED this.

I remember the year we received 2 ft tall bunnies. WOW.

Neat story.

bulletholes said...

Thanks Mom!
Easter just got worse for me every year that went by.