Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Here's an article about a 6 lb. dog that rode a 70 MPH gust of wind 2 miles and is described as being "dirty, hungry, but otherwise OK". (not the dogs words)
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Not lucky, blessed, traumatized, slightly damaged, windblown, disheveled, possessed, mad, loco, totally freaked, a long way from home or "no worse for the wear", but just OK.
Okay, as in fine, copacetic, hunky-dory, allright, cool, good-to-go, and "Fair-to-Middlin'.
Doggie just wants a bath and a meal.

It's the best you'll do on and average day.


cornbread hell said...

copacetic is one of the 10 greatest words in the english language.

Barbara said...

There are a lot of unbelievable aspects of the dog story! Pet psychic...

bulletholes said...

Cornbread, I was hoping that was a REAL word.

Barbara! Yeah, this story was kinda weird on a lot of levels. It left out so much, like whether the dog has ventured back outside, and what will happen next time a little breeze comes thru the window.