Tuesday, April 14, 2009


photo stolen from Peteski

That my friend Barbara got a new piano!
What would you like to share with us today, Barb?
Any requests?


Barbara said...

Gosh! I'm glad I stopped in. I've been getting lax in my Blog reading. Are you sure that isn't an old dream? I have a dream of a piano in reality. There's nothing I would even want to change!

Martijn said...

You have very generous dreams! You must be a kind man. Last week I had a very jealous dream indeed. I dreamed friends of mine had made an invention -- a simple, 10 cent to produce gizzmo that would sell in the millions worldwide, environmentally friendly, and politically correct even -- and I knew it would turn them filthy rich overnight. I was quite jealous. Then I woke up and thought... 'hey, they didn't invent this... I did!' What a relief. I can't tell you what the invention is, precisely, but I'll let you know when I'm filthy rich.

GEWELS said...

Have you dreamt of a white Andalusian horse named Duende for your sparkly Gewels yet?