Friday, November 11, 2011


I used to end up in Human Resources a time or two a year having been accused of unsolicited sexual advances.
The restaurant business is full of it. It’s what we do.

These waitresses, they don't usually teach Sunday school on the side you know. They aren’t babysitters; they party hard, and like hard liquor and hard men, generally.
But every now and then you run into one that doesn't want to go. I don't mind that, I can take NO for an answer, but sometimes you run into one that doesn’t want to play along.

There was this hostess, she was hired specifically for her great ass (I'm sure of it) and they put her in a tight skirt and set her out there seating people at their tables. And every time she came through the kitchen, the entire operation would stop to watch her walk through. Part of what made her ass look so great were the panty lines that showed through the tight, knee-length skirt. It framed the product in such a way that it was almost vulgar if it hadn’t been so sexy.

Anyway, she came through one day and the first thing I noticed was there were no panty lines. She still looked good, mind you, but those panty lines were such a great gimmick. I don't know if maybe thongs had just come out, or some kind of special panty, or maybe she just quit wearing panties entirely.

But after about a week of this, as she came through the kitchen one day, I decided to speak to her and I said in my sexiest voice I could throw down:
"Baby, I really miss those panty lines. What happened to your panties?"

And the next thing I knew, I was in Personnel, being written up for sexual harassment.


red dirt girl said...

Haaaaaaaaaa! If I had been that hostess, I would have kissed you right then and there .....! People take themselves way too seriously. I once worked in a restaurant that was owned by a very pretty blonde. All the guys in the kitchen would tell me that they'd love to see her and me 'gettin' it on' .......How can you not laugh at something so outrageously funny?? Alas, that dream never came true ... ;)

Minx said...

The world has gone mad, mostly. We can't open our mouths for fear of being sued.

bulletholes said...

Red, every girl should have a bi-night.
Hey Minxy! its hell having to be so care4ful. Who can you trust?

littlebow said...

hey bulletholes nice to hear a mans perspective on the VPL. Women generally find it ugly (on themselves and others). Shame the hostess with the mostess didn't agree! Maybe you should have bought her dinner first.

bulletholes said...

Thats a good idea Littlebow. Dinner first. I'll have to remember that one!