Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I got a friend going through a divorce. He says he wants to kill himself.
He just turned 38 years old.
I told him I could guarantee him one thing.
“Whats that?” he asked.
“With all due respect to the ladies, buddy, I can guarantee you there will be more women. You will be laid again. You might even fall in love. Act accordingly.”

I'm probably not much help. But the fact is they were married for a year and there are no kids.
Get over it.


soubriquet said...

Ah, you silver tongued romantic.

Poor guy's world has fallen apart and you're trying to tell him the love of his life is as replaceable as a set of batteries?

bulletholes said...

Right Souby! Thats just right! I'll tell him that tonight, while he is calling all these other batteries because he can't stand to be without a battery for even a minute!

SL said...

"You will be laid again. You might even fall in love. Act accordingly.”...sounds like a good title for a self help book. You might be on to something Bulletholes!