Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Everyday I go home and whip something up to eat. My roomate, Buckshot, thinks its great having a chef around. I made some Pasta last week, then Sunday we had some Chicken and Dumplings.

Yesterday I threw some cut up new potatoes and butter in the microwave for 4 minutes, then hit 'em with some salt and pepper and half-assed kinda mashed 'em up, and folded in some frozen green peas and put it back in the microwave for two minutes. Served it up with some cold sliced brisket Buckshot got from a buddy at work.
Buckshot says "Man, you sure do like to cook don't you?"
I looked up and grinned.
I said "Not really Buckshot. I like TO EAT!"


Martijn said...

Superb story (okay, 70% of the value lies in the amazing name of 'Buckshot'... I think I will rechristen my bike to that name) and a joy to read.

Martijn said...

Joy of cooking! I just burned my hand at cooking a steak. Huge gulp of hot oil & butter tsunamying on my hand, scorching it badly... but it was a lovely steak though! Mjam. Mjam.

I guess I love to eat too. Hey Steve, happy Thanksgiving to you & all.