Wednesday, November 09, 2011


I used to have to shuck a lot of oysters.
I used to say it was relaxing.

The trick is to keep them cold with lots of ice.
Try not to speak loudly or disturb them as you shuck.
You want them to think they are still safe at the bottom of the bay when you stick the knife in.
If you will do that for them they will open right up for you.
They been waiting all their lives for this right here.
Them staying all shut up won’t get you a dinner.
Staying all shut up won’t get you a pearl.
They want you to see.
We are all just shells.
And it’s the rain that makes us perfect.


red dirt girl said...

I think I've used up all my pearls of wisdom ...


Martijn said...

This is the first oyster-related poem I ever read. I like it.

Believe it or not, but I have never eaten an oyster! Mussels yes, snails and oysters no. But then again, there are lots and lots of things I have never eaten, like caviar, lobster, truffels, meatloaf, chilly dogs, fugu (or other sashimi), chestnuts, you name it... those really big prawns. I come from a humble background... man oh man, was my background humble!

Anyway, like the poem.

bulletholes said...

Well, this poem sparang from a dream I had that left me with the last two lines.
I don't really know what they mean, but maybe I kinda do, and they seem sorta pretty.